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    Corniest music video I have seen.

    Man why'd you have to trash my girl Blondie. Why ?
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    Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    That's it.....something with the side windows looks odd and that chrome to.
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    Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    On this new Jeep Grand Wagoneer is there anything that looks odd to you or needs to be changed in your opinion ?
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    Camp Pendleton

    It's MCRD San Diego on Camp Pendleton. Now there are about 40 smaller Camps within Camp Pendleton.
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    Got A New Flashlight...

    What does a green ring tell you ?
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    Investors....come in please!

    Halfway To Recessionville
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    Amoco Gas Stations

    A Sunoco Gas Station near work closed down a few months ago and today I see it's Amoco. I thought BP bought out Amoco years ago.
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    Goodyear 8 gal Air Compressor $49.....WM

    Check the drain on the bottom
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    Project Farm Tests CLP

    Yea....good always wanna keep that dirt in suspension.
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    That was the worst game I have ever seen.

    Who watches Kneel Ball's 2022
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    Project Farm Tests CLP

    Who makes the best CLP ? Project Farm "Were Gonna Test That"
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    Strut Lubrication

    WD-40 has some of the best marketing out there. They convinced millions of people that there product makes a good lubricant.
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    Which one for my Rav4?

    Can someone move this to the Oil Filters forum. OP put it in the Sponsor Forum
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    Goodyear 8 gal Air Compressor $49.....WM

    That's funny cuz people are constantly blaming brickseek for showing the wrong amount in stock