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    2011 F150 3.5L 32,089mi & Kendall FS 5w30 3,975mi

    Looks as if the EB shears oil a bit.
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    STP in every tank!

    Not sure you guys know this but Marathon uses some type of STP additive in their pump gas.
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    Amsoil Ea15K13 cut open

    I ran an Amsoil filter for 3 years and about 9000 miles. Filter looked perfectly good.
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    Best Leather Cleaner/Conditioner?

    I use Mink Oil and Zaino
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    Which oil to achieve quietest 1.8L Miata motor?

    I'd suggest a 5w40 in a Miata. I run 10w 50 in my track car.
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    best oil ford manual trans and differential

    Amsoil MTG Lucas M8 marine Coastal 75w90 conventional
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    Is Lucas synthetic gear oil really that bad?

    I recently used a mixture of Lucas M8 75w90 and Coastal conventional 75w90 in a Miata 5 speed gearbox. This particular unit has had a troublesome 3rd gear and this combo works extremely well. I also have used Amsoil MTG which is top notch stuff.
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    Oil is green.

    I've read that group 3 base stock is clear as water
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    Oil Extreme..?

    Can you have too much of a good thing and cause damage?
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    Oil for bronze cone syncros

    Amsoil MTG is a good fluid for this application.
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    Validity of the "4-ball" wear test in engine lubes

    I recently read an article which suggests that EP products can be beneficial to engines as the rocker arms and some other components see high pressures.
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    Oil Extreme..?

    Stumbled on this site, some interesting claims <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Here's another similar type EP product <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    What do you do with your old/used coolant?

    What about dumping it in cat litter and throwing it in the trash?
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    "00 Silverado 1500 with piston slap 5.3 winter oil

    I'd run synthetic. I doubt any oil will help with piston slap.
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    Mobil1 0W50 Racing Oil

    I know of drag racers that would boil their oil in a pot after a race to reduce the alcohol dilution, cool and pour it back in the engine.