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    Engine whine/whistle with acceleration

    Have you checked the alternator? I’ve had one make a whine with acceleration which turned out to be the voltage regulator was on its way out.
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    Self reporting Honda maintenance on service records portal

    Yes. Keep copies of receipts as you state. I print the records to a PDF annually as well.
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    The Fram TG now has a nitrile ADBV?

    Good to know. To be clear, if it lacked an adbv, I would have put it back on the shelf.
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    Can a Californian register this car?

    The rules only apply to CA residents who purchase new non-50 state emissions vehicles. New is defined as < 7500mi (and 2 yrs in other pubs) The OP’s label is a MY 2015, so likely is excluded from this Rule and thus valid for CA residents to register it in CA. If you are not a CA resident, buy...
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    The Fram TG now has a nitrile ADBV?

    I recently bought a TG7317 from WM and it was silicone. It’s used in a bottom mount position (Honda J35), so probably doesn’t matter.
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    Jiffy Lube experience

    LOL. And with an extra long wrench to overcrank the drain bolt.
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    Jiffy Lube experience

    No clue on JL, but the Splish ‘n Splash where our Pilot was last serviced before we bought it used a Mighty TecSelect filter.
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    Home HVAC Advice Needed

    Wow, I won’t complain about the $8,100 for the Amana 5ton single stage (ASX16) 16 SEER / 100k btu furnace (80%) I just had installed.
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    Jiffy Lube experience

    I received an invoice from a Valvoline IOC somewhere on the west coast that was misdirected to my email address. It was for a ‘20 Elantra: $92 for the synth oil change , $20 for the COMPLETE FUEL TREATMENT minus $10 coupon: $110 OTD. I’d say you got a deal at the JL!
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    Home HVAC Advice Needed

    I’m of the same mindset. What size AC unit do you have? Did you top off with R22 or the replacement ‘bluon’? If only $200, guessing it’s not that bad. It’s basically what I did until the compressor was shot. I’m getting a 2nd unit replaced next week (I have 3). It’s only 2.5t but only ~20%...
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    Home HVAC Advice Needed

    I just had a 5 ton Amana single stage A/c and 80% furnace installed. The consistent feedback I get from those in the industry is more complex = higher cost = lower long term reliability/ higher maintenance $$. That and don’t expect to get more than 15 yrs out of today’s units regardless of...
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    Battery replacement: based on age or performance?

    Here in TX, I’m ecstatic if I get 4 yrs out of a Costco interstate batt. The heat does a number on them. Unless you are testing them or doing a charge / rest test, there’s little to no warning when they go. I just acquired a Schumacher BT-100 load tester, we’ll see how that goes.
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    Costco Mobil One

    Bought the 6 pk. M1 0W-20 AFE yesterday for $30 @ local Costco. I’ll still buy the 5qt. jugs but this will be the extra when more than 5qt. is required.
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    Change my oil Before or After road trip?

    Does it have a Maintenance Minder? If so, what is the typical mileage / % oil life when you normally change? At least with ICE-only Honda’s, driving mostly highway miles extends the drain interval. That makes sense. I personally avoid any DIY maintenance over the summer months given how hot it...
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    Subaru o/f drainage-mess

    I just changed the oil for the first time on my daughter’s ‘17 Legacy 2.5i with ~ 101k mi. There was no pooling in the filter housing when I removed the o/f. However, there was a bit of a mess from the oil draining from the drain plug and flowing back into the plastic shield. I had it on front...