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    What are you using to protect the underneath of the mower deck!?

    I'm convinced the best thing is to park it on a concrete garage floor when not in use. natural desiccant. park it over moist earth & it'll be gone in eight years.
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    Do valves clearances get smaller or larger when engine is hot?

    the exhaust valve face is absorbing more heat/ than the head casting. The valve face is absorbing combustion heat & carrying that heat to the valve seat when seated. Some radiates up the stem, to the bronze guide & the head casting. Valve clearance is there to ensure the valve does...
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    How much is Diesel today?

    one station near me has diesel & gas at $3.19. Another has a surcharge, D for $3.45, reg for $3.29. ???? off I-5, Seattle/Tacoma area.
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    Helicopter losing its load

    ..... well I could've done that for 1/3 what they were billing out at.
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    Removing stuck bolt from fuel pump

    a chisel with sharp edge or a punch & hammer tap. maybe more than a tap. work the edge of the bolt, driving down. rotate 1/6 turn, drive again. you will probably need a new bolt when you're finished extracting.
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    Your Oldest Things?

    meteorite bits I collected after they fell from the sky 90 feet in front of me one rainy August night. guess they're older than this earth.
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    Too Slow !!??

    some states list a certain number of vehicles that constitutes 'blockage' or impediment to traffic. my state I believe the magic number is ten. At that point, I suppose you are leading a strange parade & obligated to pull off. Have no idea what vehicle count the eastern states consider blockage...
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    If I hurt myself this weekend...

    well unless you're young & rubbery stay away from it. mkay?
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    Pulling an engine from a Pull & Pay

    try to rotate it, if you can bring a battery & compression test, great. If not I'd use one of those inspection cams you buy or plug into a phone. Did pull a VW years back, spark plugs first, then popped the head off, then dropped the pan to look at a couple rod bearings. Still good today, 150k+...
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    Bird strike blamed : Canadian Snowbirds fatal crash.

    the pilot in command lived. one fatality. Reminds me of the female naval aviator in San Diego years (decades?) ago. F-14 compressor stall on take off. She was pilot in command. Her weapons officer ejected early enough. She was late. Struck the ocean I believe.
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    My New Prosthetic Leg

    leg from Walker, La. : )
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    Worth It?

    $8k. No. But $5.5k? Yes. It will never be worth more. Hard on the eyes too. Rare for a Nova. : ( Also looks too much like the Volare, not helping.
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    100 ft Long 13 Foot Tall Ford Truck

    wasn't that rig in a 'Speed Racer' episode? Thought it entered a race & terrorized every other vehicle that entered.
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    Torque wrench settings : Forgot to reset to 0 before storage ...

    got it. thought Probabta was a tool maker I never heard of. but is it Probata out of OK, the industrial calibration people? OK. That makes sense. But I'll find my old Craftsman 3/8" clicker manual & reread that too.
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    Torque wrench settings : Forgot to reset to 0 before storage ...

    somewhere way back, I thought the idea was to store a setting-type torque wrench at 1/3 rated max calibration. does anybody recall that? ?