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    Nokians vs, Blizzaks vs. Winter Sport M3

    Check rear tire toe-in. My 6th gen Civic, and to a lesser degree our 8th gen, have too much toe-in (about 2mm total from factory) in the back for my taste. Not only does it feather directional tires if left back there too long, but it also causes the car to bounce side-to-side when the rear...
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    Could someone explain AVID TRZ tread pattern?

    How are the TRZ in the snow/ice?
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    2004 Honda Civic Clutch -strange occurance

    It sure is a hot area, more reason to use a quality fluid and change it every 15k miles or so. The yellow bottle of Prestone has cured the groan and takes longer to discolor and become black from the seals. 99 Civic 176+ kmiles.
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    2004 Honda Civic Clutch -strange occurance

    Good for you. What fluid are you planning to use? I went from the factory fill to ATE 200 to Valvoline Synpower to Prestone. I think the Prestone is the best for everyday use and has cured the master/slave cylinder "groan" that occured with the previous fluids, expecially when it is...
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    What`s the best highway/touring tires?

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> ...In defense of the HRi's, they dig like a bear in the snow! RP <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> <hr /></blockquote> How are the HRi's on the ice? <hr /></blockquote> Probably lousy. Didn't...
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    What`s the best highway/touring tires?

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> ...In defense of the HRi's, they dig like a bear in the snow! RP <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> <hr /></blockquote> How are the HRi's on the ice?
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    2004 Honda Civic Clutch -strange occurance

    Oh and one last thing, a nice trick I came up with is to use some hair gel or similar on the bleed nipple threads to prevent any bubbles from getting sucked in as you crack the nipple open. Even if you do see bubbles, they are not going into the caliper so no worries. It is just nicer to have an...
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    2004 Honda Civic Clutch -strange occurance

    Once done sucking out the old brake fluid, close the lid, start the car, and make sure to pump the brake pedal a few times before driving. The pedal will sink the first time you depress it and you will panic think "I can't stop the car". It happens to me every now and then <img...
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    2004 Honda Civic Clutch -strange occurance

    A full flush if the brake/clutch fluid is more than 2 years old is highly recommended. I have a MityVac hand pump and reservoir. For the $25 investment, it makes one man brake/clutch flushing much easier. Just have to keep an eye on the reseroir level. Stop the vacuum if level gets too low, add...
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    2004 Honda Civic Clutch -strange occurance

    Have you ever flushed the clutch fluid before last night? It is stupid that Honda doesn't specify a service point for clutch fluid but it sees 10x more duty than brake fluid and it has such a TINY reservoir. Change it every year or two MAX. That should help. Along with quick launch from a stop...
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    Brake job every 5k...

    i have a 99 civic coupe 5sp with the same problem. after over 125k trouble-free miles on the factory pads and rotors, they finally hit the squeal tabs. I jumped at the opportunity and replaced them with Hawk HPS and Duralast rotors. Especially since I heard nothing but good things about HPS or...
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    Valve Adjustment

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> edit: anyone knows what causes play in the shifter? if it's in any gear you can move the shifter back and forth about an inch and a half, synchros? it's like a loose gearbox. <hr /></blockquote> There is a bushing on the shifter lever, change that first. I bet that...
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    Low Compression, One Cylinder, What to Do?

    I would check the valve clearance as well, make sure there IS a clearance <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> AutoRX restored compression on Cyl#3 from low 140s to high 160s pretty much in the first clean cycle. This was at 125k miles on a 99 Civic (D16Y8). With 171k miles...
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    spark plug questions with photo.

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> I just took them out and looked at them and put them back in. No problem getting them out.. More of a problem getting the #[email protected]$^% socket off the plug once I had them tight in the head. Its SOOOOO easy to change plugs in...
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    Help me choose tires for an '02 Accord V6

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> I'm running 15 inch Falken ZE 329. It is a new all-season tire. It is similar to the Falken 512 but with non-unidirectional tread design. I have about 15,000 miles and they are great. Fantastic in rain. <hr /></blockquote> Where can you get these new falkens...