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    A Constellation with the pie-pan face is my dream watch.
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    Best "gimmick" plugs?

    Lol Yep. I put 'em in my '67 Impala back in the middle 70's (along with a big yellow Accel super coil). They worked, but didn't make any improvement - unless my gas mileage went up 10%, which would have been about 1 mpg.
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    Fake Amazon reviews and what you can do

    As a followup, I attempted to post a review of a product I bought and then realized there were some highly suspicious reviews for that product. I stated my concerns (all factual) and added that I would update my review after I had used it long enough to give a full review. Sure enough, Amazon...
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    Favorite Fried Chicken Restaurant

    Always loved Church's. Only problem is that in my area, they're only located in rather dodgy parts of town. Had Popeye's drive through today for the their sandwich. IMO, it's heads and shoulders better than Chik-fil-A but the drive through service is the exact opposite (CFA is borderline...
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    Fake Amazon reviews and what you can do

    I've come to learn that a lot of product reviews on Amazon are fake - even when involving "verified purchasers". I was looking at bluetooth earbuds and found a product at a great price with lots of reviews and and a high rating. For some reason I started clicking on the profiles of the...
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    Battery Failing?

    The battery in my Outback has some small evidence of dried acid on the top of the case. Otherwise, it's acting normally. In fact, last week one of the dome lights stayed on for close to 20 hours with no ill effect. It has a date sticker from 2012, so it's got some age on it. The main reason...
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    Looks like I need a BMW forum - recommendations? (e46) is great for the E39 variant, I don't know about other variants.
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    RIP. Mac Davis and Helen Reddy

    Mac Davis was a guest on Gilbert Gottfried's podcast a month or two ago. He sounded healthy and alert. Like several of his contemporaries, Davis was responsible for a lot of other entertainer's success.
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    Best adhesive for this plastic repair?

    JB "Plastic Bonder" would be my first choice. Second would be to "weld" it with a soldering iron. I've seen people make some amazing repairs on HDPE with that technique and using milk jug pieces as the "solder".
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    0w oils?

    I've taken to putting M1 Euro in everything, partially to consolidate my "stock" but also because it is stout and covers a wide temperature range. Also, being such a bargain (especially with rebates/coupons) it's a no-risk, no-brainer choice IMO.
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    HVAC Thermostat Weirdness

    Had a Honeywell thermostat that did the same thing. I mentioned to the HVAC tech who was doing a 20-year checkup on my system (lol) that I had a thermostat that had done that. He immediately responded "was it a Honeywell you bought at Menards?" (which it was). IMO, for such an old company...
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    Need new i7, Windows laptop

    If I were looking for a new laptop, I'd definitely look to go AMD. Unfortunately, I'm hearing there's a backlog of new AMD 4000 series APU's right now and some OEM's are on allocation for them. A report I saw this morning said deliveries are delayed until late September.
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    Toilet fill valve replacement/modification

    Toto has so many variations on the Drake, it can be hard to navigate. I recently installed one of the new Drake dual-flush models with 1.28 / 0.8 gpf. Works great (big flush for big jobs, little flush for little ones). They have multiple combinations (1.6/1.2, 1.6/0.8 etc.). Also...
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    Splashdown - Made it

    Quite a few people in private boats were there to "greet" the Dragon 😟. Looked like 10 or more.
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    Castrol Edge 0W-40 lost LL-01?

    To my way of thinking BMW specs seem to be based on test spec v.s. date of issue (hence LL-98, LL-01, LL-04) so in a sense they are going retroactively changing a spec from a particular time (thus vehicles produced in that era). The ones you mentioned like A40 or SN or any of the others are just...