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    Uh oh! Jiffy Lube is Now Selling and Installing Tires + Brake Work

    Are they any good at oil changes?
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    Used motor oil as diesel fuel questions

    I wouldn't put motor oil in my diesel's tank.
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    Companies making a credit inquiry without your permission?

    Good move, I locked ours years ago.
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    Lubricants for car windows

    I use WD-40 Silicone on stuff but not windows.........yet.
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    Kelly Tires really?

    My oldest tires are on a 2015 vehicle with about 15,000 miles. The tires aren't cracking or showing age yet. When they do, I'll replace them. Thanks for the input, I know you know tires.
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    Drivers Slowing Down Excessively Over Bumps

    I don't like bumps, especially on new pavement.
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    Jeep fun

    I get it, bought my first Jeep in 1968.......still own one.
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    Deercam Thread

    Enjoying the pics, thankyou.
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    Towing question, need a WDH?

    Once loaded and you tow it, you'll know if you want a wd hitch.
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    Patriot Day……

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    Toyota Fuel Pump Settlement Reached in Class Action Lawsuit

    Thanks, looks like my 2015 HL is okay.
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    Boating Observations

    Thanks, now I need another boat.