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    timing chain 07 gmc sierra 1500

    These chains are very short compared to dohc or sohc engines. For 99.9% of people they will never need replacing. It would likely be a waste of money unless you are taking the front of the engine a part for some other reason like pulling the cam or oil pump.
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    Hard shift from 1 to 2 when hot

    Hard 1-2 shifts on a 4L60E is more likely than not a 1-2 accumulator piston or pin that is worn, cracked, hanging up, or the springs have broken. They come with plastic pistons that often get worn or crack. A decent rebuilder would have upgraded to an aluminum piston. 1-2 accumulator is...
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    New tires and always a balancing issue @ Discount Tire

    I stopped using my local discount tire a couple years ago. I use to install tires so I know what It takes. When I first started using them 15+ years ago I was impressed and kept going back. I was impressed enough I referred friends and family to them. Then something changed at my DT starting...
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    What’s in your GM 4 speed?

    1998 4T65E, 2001 4T65E, 2005 4L60E, all of which love the Maxlife
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    Consumer Reports 2021 Least Reliable Trucks - GM Dominates?

    You can go ahead and keep speaking for yourself... I'd be ok with the 5.3 if it wasn't plagued by GM's complete and utter incompetence when it comes to their latest transmission offerings. Let break it down shall we... 6L80E- Often needs rebuilding before 150,000 miles because of torque...
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    Consumer Reports 2021 Least Reliable Trucks - GM Dominates?

    🤣 Ok, guy. Defend them if you want, but if the direct competition offers more for similar money don't be surprised when people want to jump ship with their hard earned money.
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    Consumer Reports 2021 Least Reliable Trucks - GM Dominates?

    I've been a GM guy all my life, but Gm's absolute refusal to compete in their bread and butter truck market boggles my mind. First thing is the transmission options. For some reason they are extremely stingy with the 10 speed which so far has been trouble free. They force this flawed 8 speed...
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    FF to GG Pads Cause Problems?

    Whatever you do, if you increase the friction coefficient of only the front you will in affect increase your front brake bias, depending on the specific vehicle this can be a good thing or bad thing, usually a bad thing. I would recommend doing this only if you have a vehicle that tends to lock...
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    Buick Regal 2.0T Ecotec Engines

    I have the LHU in my GS. It's been flawless. anecdotally I recall hearing of a lot of ring land failures on the LTG's, never heard of this happening with the LHU.
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    How long should I run my snowblower before resting it

    I have a honda GX200 engine on my old MTD snowblower. After an hour of working it ragged the block was barely warmer than luke warm. I am strongly considering picking up a GX160 fan which has smaller blades or a another GX200 fan and trimming a few blades off due to the OVER COOLING. I am not...
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    1996 Honda Accord 5w30 or 10w30, loud engine when cold

    If it doesn't burn oil and the noise you describe goes away or gets less noticeable once the engine gets up to temp, the chances of the noise being a lower end knock is very small, this leaves the valve train. If lash hasn't been adjusted in a long time the noise you are probably hearing is...
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    1996 Honda Accord 5w30 or 10w30, loud engine when cold

    When was the last time the valve lash was checked?
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    Bogus home appraisal

    Was the appraisal close enough to the amount owed that you had to end up paying PMI? I think I got screwed by the appraisal when I bought my house a few years back. It was a foreclosure where I got an awesome price on it. If the appraisal would have reflected the "market" value I wouldn't...
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    '16 Silverado Transmission woes

    The problem with that trans isn't the internals themselves, its the programming. The torque converter lockup clutch fails and floods the transmission with crap because the programming. The lockup on the torque converter is accomplished by using a pulse width modulated technique which creates a...
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    Change Oil Weight, Temp Gauge Reads Lower

    There is no logical reason for this other than being a coincidence. Plus, I highly doubt that gauge would be sensitive enough to register a small change in operating temp. Most temp gauges these days are more so idiot lights than actual gauges.