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    Stinky Floor Mat

    Probably mildew. Sounds like you washed the carpet instead of extracting it? The mat probably got too wet.
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    Lately, I have noticed more kids (3-6 yr old) being diagnosed with moderate to severe autism. In fact, there are two cases within my immediate group of neighbors and a few more examples within my group of friends. These are cases that are severe and will probably require lifelong support...
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    Polishing Oxidized Black Paint

    FIL left his car on my driveway. I decided to polish half of his hood during lunch to see if I could improve the oxidation. Pretty surprised by the improvement. 1st step was TLC+ with a Rupes blue DA wool pad 2nd step was Rupes DA yellow Polish with a Rupes yellow foam pad. Finished off...
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    Anyone have 3rd generation Odyssey sliding door experience

    Ericthecarguy has a video that is coming up, you might want to wait for it. He is doing this work on the project Odyssey he has.
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    Spray Sealant Question

    My wife's Accord was coated with CQuartz UK ceramic coating in 2015. By 2018-19, the product began to fail, which is no surprise since the product was only rated for 2 years. Since then, I have used various "ceramic" sealant products at every other car wash. Sometimes it is a spray-on/rinse-off...
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    Ideal Maintenance Plan and early part replacement - 9 year old 100k Mazda 6 4cyl 2.5

    Mazda specs spark plug replacement every 75K on the non-turbo Skyactiv models.
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    Irwin Master Extractor Set Mfg's website: Seems like a fairly complete kit for smaller fasteners. The only difference between this kit and their...
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    Do these look like 60K Mile Brake Pads?

    Looks like a stainless steel shim. They are either OE pads or original.
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    Ideal Maintenance Plan and early part replacement - 9 year old 100k Mazda 6 4cyl 2.5

    Replace drive belts with every spark plug replacement. Replace cabin air filter every 30K or 2 years.
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    Brake Caliper Maintenance

    It is probably just a cultural decision at one company to do things a certain way.
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    Couldn't take it anymore

    For example:
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    Couldn't take it anymore

    Fuel economy is a critical spec for automakers due to CAFE. The tires are an important component of this.
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    Couldn't take it anymore

    Mine still have 11/32+ remaining after 11K miles, which is odd. I am usually known to be hard on tires too. If I can keep mine in balance for more than 3-4k, I would be happy at this point. :rolleyes:
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    Brake Caliper Maintenance

    Not all slide pins need to be lubed. For a number of years, BMW spec'ed no lube on the guide pins.