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    SEAFOAM TRANS TUNE just added to Fragile Honda 5-speed Automatic Transmission

    flashing D is usually 3rd and 4th pressure switches going bad. Easy and cheap fix as they are right next to driver side tire. Get the codes read if you can otherwise you are shooting in the dark.
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    How do you dispose of antifreeze

    County dump takes oil, antifreeze and paint
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    Honda tensioner

    Drive belt, was about $220 including parts and labor.
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    Honda tensioner

    I did not have to- you could see it wobbling and the belt was starting to get chewed up. When they finally got the tensioner out- there was play in the pulley, looked and felt liked it was going to fail in a few places, they could not just fix the pulley as it had chewed into the assembly. The...
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    Honda tensioner

    I just replaced mine, I started a mooing sound, the sound was the belt starting to go and I had all kinds of play in the pulley.
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    Big green egg?

    if your veggie only - do not get one. They egg is great for smoking meat, grilling meat and all things meat. Veggies- it is probably overkill and not worth it.
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    Best ammo size for close quarter residential ?

    i think slingshots are illegal in NY - ugh
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    using many cans of crc intake cleaner good?

    Your corolla is definitely not DI. DI did not become commonplace till a few years ago. In either case, cars of your vintage did not have intake valve issues unless you used troglodyte gas.
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    using many cans of crc intake cleaner good?

    It is a corolla, just stick some techron in it, it is not direct injected or anything. Doing some crazy intake cleaning is not going to help it run any faster or better. Since it is probably multi port fuel injected- the intake valves are pretty clean as fuel is going over them every...
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    Ghost Gunner

    New York is the worst, all gun sales from pistols to long guns have to go through an ffl. Heck, technically, you cannot shoot your buddies gun as that is technically considered a transfer- such a [censored] poor law. NY sucks!!!!!
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    Engine temperature going up & down, bad thermosta?

    Did you remember to turn on the rear heat? If you didn't you will not get all the air out.
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    any direct tv users here

    I have had directv for 12 years. Rarely goes out in a storm- and if it does- only for a few minutes. Picture quality is good. ATT just bought it- they have all kind of deals if you switch and add their cell service. I think you can even get a free 40 inch tv. It was great having satellite...
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    Changing 4 vehicles from conventional to synthetic

    I would not do it, the synthetic is going to clean everything up tand your going to get small leaks from the valve covers. If you switch, go to a high mileage synth. My in laws gave me a high mileage car 130K when I got it, the last oil change they decided to go synthetic and after a few oil...
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    Minivan Research and Recommendations...

    Odyssey power doors are much easier to work on than the Toyotas. Odyssey specific car forum has great write ups too.
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    Home made Fumoto valve

    I have a fumoto- if the oil is hot or warm- it comes out plenty fast. In terms of accidentally hitting something- I ran over a dear had hair everywhere and valve did not move. In my car- if I hit something that would cause the valve to break- I would have had to shear the entire oil pan. If...