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    NXT or klasse AIO for polishing and protecting

    NXT won't last as long as Klasse. DO get The Klasse Sealant Glaze. Wash the car every day (unless it is garaged and not driven), dry and apply another layer of SG for 3 days running. Its getting late in the season for doing this though.
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    Dawn and Polymer Sealants

    I concur with the guys above. Wherever you read that you can layer AIO is plain wrong. You have to consider the sources. Autopia is the holy grail site for detailing, as this site is for lube. You still have to seperate the wheat from the chaff. AIO is a non abrasive cleaner, meaning it is a...
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    Dawn and Polymer Sealants

    To remove any oil based coatings, like carnuba wax. People have urban legendized it as an all coating stripper, but it is really only a detergent. Do not use on any type of regular basis. To wash yopur auto, use a wash or shampoo that is specially made for auto finishes (and wax safe too).
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    NXT or klasse AIO for polishing and protecting

    Nxt has mild cleaners in it as well.
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    NXT or klasse AIO for polishing and protecting

    You need a polish, which is a mild abrasive, to level out the spiderwebbing and swirl marks. It is difficult to do by hand, you need a dual action random orbital machine, or a rotary polisher BUT rotarys are only for the extremely experienced. Meguires makes a compound called 'dual action...
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    Growing mint indoors

    It's in shock, water more than a spritz and don't put in direct light until its recovered.
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    Dawn and Polymer Sealants

    The AIO is a sealer, but with cleaners built in. You cannot layer AIO as it removes the previous layer as you are applying it. The consensus on autopia is that dawn will not remove a cured (few days) polymer sealant.
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    Insulate turn-of-century city row home?

    Call your local utility company for an inspection and a report on ways to you can improve the efficiency of the home. They also might have a partner program where they pick up a percentage of the costs.
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    Lexol Vinylex vs 303

    I prefer 303 as it leaves a satin finish. A shiny dash can be quite glareing from the horizontal parts.
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    Dawn and Polymer Sealants

    Like Zaino, Liqud Glass, Klasse, etc. Over at Auotopia the general consensus is that Dawn doesn't remove cured polymer sealents. It does remove carnuba and silicone wax coatings. If you want to take the coatings off to the raw clearcoat surface, use a 50/50 mix of Isopropl alchohol. You can...
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    Klasse AIO and SG

    Andy, do you know for a fact that Dawn strips off cured acrylic? He is, after all, trying to take off whatever carnuba might be there and leave the Klassse alone. I'm not sure that dawn would take off acrylic polymer. Think acrylic floor wax. Harsh surfectants are used to clean floors without...
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    Klasse AIO and SG

    thats a tough one... I can't say whether dawn will strip off klasse or not. Check the wash you use or give them a call and make sure they don't have wax or silicone in it. If not, then wash, dry, add another layer of SG :}
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    Sticky Chattering Wipers

    Are you sure the blades are toast or are they only coated with that tacky bug stuff? Clean them with rubbing alchohol and see if they are still sticky. Inspect if they still have their little beaded edge where they contact the glass. 303 Aerospace Protectant can be bought at marine stores...
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    LC20 and cheap dino oil

    After using the Arx up, LC can be used with a Dino 3-5k OCI easily, very cost effective.
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    benefits of synth ATF for power steering?

    It does mix, though there is a simple way to change the fluid completely in one shot. Jack up front end and jack stand so the front wheels are off the ground. Suck out with baster as much fluid from reservoir as you can. Remove return line to reservoir and put into a large clear container. Cap...