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Lincoln Continental 3.0 EB, 6F55 - Ravenol DXG 5W-30 (Flash point 256 °C DIN ISO 2592), Ravenol F-LV
Mustang 4.6-3V Tremec manual - Ravenol SFE 5W-20 (HTHS 2.9), Amsoil ATF
Toyota Land Cruiser 4.2TD 1HD-FTE VNT turbo intercooled T-WS - Ravenol SSO 0W-30
Jetta 1.4tsi - 152hp Aisin 6A - Ravenol SSO 0W-30 (Acea C3 - HTHS 3.57)
All 100% synthetic ~85%PAO+15% esters, cutting edge additive pack: tri-nuclear molybdenum, tungsten and OFM (Organic Friction Modifiers) as well as the usual SAPS
2JZ-GE VVT-i restomod transplant - dunno, wish it to be SAE-30 with high HTHS and the moderm additive pack, presently Amsoil Power Protection 10W-40 for it's big classic additive pack, almost brake in oil.