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    Any 2020 Lexus RX350 ownere here?

    I have a 2020 RX350, purchased new in Dec-2019. 2020 is a mid-cycle refresh, and is an improvement - you can find details in a web search, and they are correct. I'm told the suspension improvements are mild, but really good (I have never driven a 2019 or previous). I recommend the 2020 over...
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    Sludgy 1990 F150 5.0

    Welcome to BITOG! Your comment, “It starts/runs well and seems to have decent power” is significant. Also your stated goal: slow clean. Your son has taken good first-steps, so I suggest caution & ‘do no further harm’. Your plan & oil choice are good to get you on the road soonest with lowest...
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    Squirrels in the attic

    Just like vehicles, rodents will chew house wiring. Therefore you have to get them out of the attic somehow. I agree that repellant / relocation is best. Of note: The electrical inspector for my town told me that decades ago the Romex manufacturers added a green strip on the plastic jacket -...
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    Oil Rec for Moderately Sludgy Engine?

    I know you said Dino. However, consider Mobil 1 synthetic. No additional additives. M1 gradually cleaned my old 1997 Camry with several short OCI over 6 months,documented by removing the valve cover. Gradual cleaning is key - to avoid releasing big chunks of sludge.
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    Door lock lube spray suggestions?

    Modern cars often have an electrical switch associated with the key lock. I do not know if it is embedded within the lock. If so, then graphite, being conductive, can short the contacts. I have read about this issue in various places, and stopped using graphite. Now I don’t know what to use...
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    Door Latch Lube / Grease Compatible with Plastic Parts

    Thank you for your feedback - this is valuable / timely information!
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    Door Latch Lube / Grease Compatible with Plastic Parts

    Hi! I have a 2006 Honda Accord and will be removing the door latch to replace the lock actuator. Any suggestions for maintenance lube / grease for the exposed portion of the latch -and- the 'inside-the-door' mechanisms? There are various mental & plastic / Nylon parts - what grease to use or...
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    Fully synth or just normal mineral

    My thoughts / suggestions based on your environmental conditions, driving style and stated desire for quality & robustness, with cost-not-a-factor: -> Use a full synthetic like Mobil1 or Mobil1 EP. -> I don’t know what viscosity to suggest. Maybe it does not matter that much (?) with...
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    Just how critical is changing the fuel filter?

    On the advice of my trusted Honda / Toyota mechanic, no fuel filter changes and no fuel problems on these vehicles I purchased new: -> 2000 Odyssey, owned 20 years / 210K miles, -> 1997 Camry, owned 20 years / 220K miles, -> 2006 Accord V6, owned 14 years / 96K miles. This is puzzling since...
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    The furthest you’ve driven, straight on through

    Tennessee to Vermont, 900 miles in 14 hours, in late Dec. Good travel on dry Interstate, but last 3 miles on rural, narrow 2-lane roads with elevation change of 800 ft, with last mile being packed-stone road covered in snow, steep-ish uphill grade. Dark & no Cell service on that section, but...
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    New Garage

    Congrats! I had family in Chester until mid-2019. I really enjoyed visiting & exploring that area! Spent Christmas 2018 there! As I recall, the nearest pharmacy & large grocery store are in Springfield, about 10 miles away.
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    Toilet mounting question

    Good comments! I also prefer Brass Bolts & Nuts, but only if they are solid brass. Unfortunately, these are increasingly hard to find. Packaging that claims solid brass is often cheap steel with thin brass plating -> it rusts! Next-project I need to buy the best brass bolts & nuts I can...
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    Blacked or "night" edition vehicles new fad?

    In terms of vehicle / trim / wheel color, to each his own. However, from the 60+ age safety perspective (note: I just had a comprehensive eye exam with excellent report this week, and the following eye characteristic was discussed): Older eyes simply cannot see as well at night, and perfectly...
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    Best For New Lexus ES350

    Interesting topic! Perhaps some of my comments will be useful or someone will offer further advice. I have a new Lexus (RX350) since Dec-2019, and am looking forward to first OCI soon - around 7K miles. I have a very good independent mechanic who specializes in Honda / Toyota who uses proven...
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    What Year Did you Start Using Synthetic Motor Oil?

    I converted my 1997 Camry (sludge-prone) from conventional (3-month OCI) to M1 in 2004 on the advice of members of this site. M1 performed a lot of cleaning over next several OCI. Importantly, there was an immediate improvement in starter speed on cold mornings and better performance in the...