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    Lets talk about new vehicles

    I know I like to buy new. Not buying someone else's problems, and I get the best years of the warranty. Depreciation is a problem, but if one holds for 10 years or more, is it really a big one?
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    Brake Caliper Maintenance

    They most certainly can do all the work. When I ride my bicycle, sometimes I will only use the rear brake. I most certainly can come to a stop using only the rear brake. Hell the first automobiles didn't even have front brakes... Without a doubt, as deceleration rate rises, the front brakes...
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    Stinky Floor Mat

    I wonder if letting it sit in the sun would help. Bit of UV and of course a full drying out.
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    Brake Caliper Maintenance

    Under hard braking, yes the fronts do the work. But under gentle braking the rears can do all the work, as weight does not have to shift.
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    Thinking about another corolla diesel does 21 mpg

    What is the cost to install rings? This is typically a job that requires many hours of work, but I do not know what labor rates are there. One issue with diesels is, just tossing rings at it may not fix the issue, if the bores are worn out. that's true of anything, but on diesels the...
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    From what I understand, it can exist on a spectrum. Severe to mild. So I wonder if some of the uptick is from including those who would never have been diagnosed in prior years. My son tests on the spectrum, but he can and will hold a conversation. It just takes dynamite sometimes. I'm not...
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    Old RV gas mileage

    I wonder if it would do 70? I mean, it might be a 440, but look at what it has to push? Then again, a 440 isn't that hard to hop up. No experience but I'm in the camp that would be shocked if it could do double-digits. Wouldn't an E10 "conversion" just be refreshing the rubber fuel lines and...
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    Any Ham Radio Operators In BITOG?

    I agree, I'd go to qrz. Occasionally I go over there, but I haven't had the radio bug for a few months now. When I was in college in the 90's I was studying electronics, and I had always been intrigued by wireless communication. My timing coincided with Morse requirement being relaxed, so I...
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    Brake Caliper Maintenance

    I do a dry fit and file if necessary. I know rust on the bracket can often be a problem, but I try my darnedest to get that off--but sometimes they just don't feel loose enough. I know that opens up the opportunity to rust, but in my experience, I've seen new from the factory seize up, if...
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    Exhaust flexpipe question

    I took a look another look and I am not sure what that is. It feels solid, so it may actually be a layer of metal. Like if the welding area was at least 2 layers of metal crimped together. I could not feel a crack; when I started the engine, I did not feel any exhaust. You're right, there is...
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    How circuit boards go bad

    Pretty funny. Circuit boards often get washed with deionized water, to clean off flux. Nothing similar to coffee and the like, of course, but it's not the water that does the damage.
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    Which to keep?

    No side airbags on my '99.
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    Brake Caliper Maintenance

    Exactly. That's why sometimes I take what a manufacturer says with a grain of salt. If it can explained, then fine, otherwise, maybe it does not matter (or not matter greatly). That's actually what I've taken to using, per The_Critic's advice--albeit it on Toyota's.
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    Too Slow !!??

    That does seem rather questionable. Maybe if it was 4 lanes wide, something like that, with on/off areas. Shoulders look a bit thin. As a cyclist this does not look like a road I'd care to be on.
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    Brake Caliper Maintenance

    You have to wonder what they are doing different to require something specific--or if it even matters.