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    2021 Ford Bronco Sport

    orig bronco was better than jeepster and scout. .
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    more equinox

    i cant believe a 2.4 made it to 170k
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    more equinox

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    Is anyone on their last car/truck

    i hope to be on last 2 trucks . one is 2003 with only 70k and no 2 is 99 with 91k and i am 65 . tundra and silverado
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    2010 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.5L V6, loud startup rattle (with recording!) vvt phasers?

    never thought i would see the day when i was glad i have the mitshibshi 3.5 in my sorento vs the later engines
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    Toro requires 2 cycle oil with TCW, Is i necessary

    2 strokes dont have exaust valves
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    Spotted in the wild

    majestic truck was a ford
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    Longest you’ve seen someone go on a set of spark plugs

    185k for my wifes toyota highlander. was still running fine. they actually didnt lookbad
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    Thinking buying 2007-2014 Silverado 1500 or Tahoe

    my 99 gets 18 city /23 highw with the non afm first gen 5.3. as far as i am concerned the first years 99-06are the best years for the silverado
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    Snapper push mower

    the steel deck hi vac is the one you want.
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    1980's Ariens / Tecumseh fuel tank leaks

    seal all is only temporary
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    No Tundra love

    my 2003 is eaisly the best purchase in transportation i have ever made.since new has had only a o2 sensor and a starter needed outside of normal maintance. the best reason to buy a new tundra now is no cam phasors to go bad and no afm to fail . if you buy any new dodge ford or chev -you better...
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    Help me choose a zero turn.

    stamped decks don't last
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    Kia Telluride

    our family bought a sorento new in 2003. we still have it but drive it sparingly now . its got 160k. runs and drives great but hardly trouble free over its 17 years. no big issues just lots of small stuff.
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    Help me choose a zero turn.

    buy a major brand for parts support reasons . avoid the minor players like big dawg etc. get something with a Kawasaki engine. I have had kolher -no thanks . dosnt compare to a kawi. the skag liberty series is a good fit for you