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    2020 Yamaha WR450 - 2 Samples

    neither the wr450f nor the yz450f manual state if the plates are alum or steel. every oem set ive taken out of a yz has been steel. however, the tusk competition clutch pack replacement as well as the ebc both say they are steel as is the pro x steel pack and the hinson fsc pack. the rekluse...
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    2020 Yamaha WR450 - 2 Samples

    usually the aluminum is from the clutch basket fingers the copper is from the brass bushing in the clutch basket i had a friend, that was from japan, ask yamaha where there was silver in the motor. they said there is none in any of the yz2xxf and yz4xxf bikes. i have mentioned the silver...
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    The Origins Of The Hayabusa

    i thought the video was poorly done and lackluster at best. borderline lame for a 'busa let alone the new gen 'busa seriously nonplused and let down :(
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    2018 YZ250X Transmission

    because an automatic transmission has ZERO metal in it....O M G the C6 tranny behind the 460 only lasted 150,000 miles. The output for 460 engines built before 1972 is 365 horsepower at 4,600 rpm and 485 pound-feet of torque at 2,800 rpm. that dirtbike is only 430 pound-feet of torque
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    What oil for racing Yamaha "2008" R6 yeah, try 108F
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    What oil for racing Yamaha "2008" R6

    surely you are not talking about the guy whose temps dont even hit 90f
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    What oil for racing Yamaha "2008" R6

    in all of my tests the castrol products just do not hold up. in all but the 1 case they (castrol products) lost at least 1 grade and twice they lost 2 grades (going from 20w50 down to 30wt) i race a yz250f - which is 1/4th of an R1. and have since dec15 2000. im on my 3rd. i have done 94 uoa...
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    What oil for racing Yamaha "2008" R6

    i do not like any of the castrol products (with one exception) do you have an oil sponsor? you may want to look into that. i dont like 10w50s either...requires too much vii's 6x20min is 120min or 100mph thats 200mi ... that is all the more your oil has to hold up for. but it...
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    Anyone riding?

    we had the biggest rain on the year on the 31st. so riding on 1/1 got moved to 1/2 the 1st lap was a greasy slick skating rink of slim mud that took 27min waited 30min 2nd lap was so much better and was drying out fast took 21mins waited about 10min 3rd lap was pretty darn nice...19mins
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    Super Tech 20w50 Motorcycle oil

    man you guys pay a LOT for mc oil Shell Rotella T 15w40 white jug is $14.88 a gallon at the walmart 3miles from me heck the Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy 0w30 for my truck is just 26.88 for the gallon
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    Choice of Grease For Suspension Linkage

    i have used the following (in 21years of offroad racing): Mobil 1 synthetic grease (its red) Amsoil series 2000 racing grease (its white) BelRay waterproof grease (its greenish blue) i have used them both alone and mixed together my favorite combo currently is 90% Mobil 1 and 10% permatex...
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    Anyone riding?

    doing a ride day friday 1/1 and a harescramble on 1/3 as i type this at 6pm it is a bone chilling 63f out
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    Thinking of a Jawa 350 - 640... with possibly 32:1 premix; Will it Smoke a Lot on a Synthetic 2 Cycle Oil?

    i owned/rode a jawa moped in 1984 ;) i'd suggest 32:1 if you keep the rpms under 8000ish, 24:1 above that the amount of smoke/spooge is all dependant on jetting, not ratio
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    Hot Rod Digital Magazine

    i still have HotRod and im good till 2022 ;)
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    Race Fuel - Worth It?

    and rvp and spec gravity and 90% boil point and oxygenated and leaded and .......... there are a few fuels that i know of that will boil sitting in my garage during the summer not exactly what you want ;)