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    Whats the least expensive JASO MA spec full synthetic?

    who here besides me has tested: sae30 sae40 10w30 10w40 all from the same oil company, in the same motor, for very close to the same amount of engine hours by the same lab? to know the REAL answers Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
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    Whats the least expensive JASO MA spec full synthetic?

    grampi, you have been here a long time which shocks me that you are even asking this question about a goldwing there are dozens upon dozens of reports of how the motor in a goldwing is the E PIT O ME of excellence!!! run anything in that motor and it will go 200,000 miles if it were me, i would...
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    Does High Octane Fuel Store Longer?

    i live less than 2 miles from 2 different QTs and i only put red handle E0 in my vfr800 (ya know mention a motorcycle in the motorcycle forum) it is about 55cents a gallon more then the 87octane swill. QT has offered E0 since the day they opened and every day since. i live in williamson county...
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    Alternative to GTL T6 0W40 but still an hdeo/pceo for Honda 600RR race bike

    years ago when i called the amsoil hotline about their race oil not holding its viscosity...i was told to change it at 5hrs of motor time.
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    Valvoline VR1 Racing vs Castrol GTX Classic (20/50)

    return it to walmart with no receit ;)
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    SAE70 is 0W-70, apparently.

    most maple syrup will pour easier than sae60. i have 3 bottles of different brands of maple syrup in my pantry right now and i just tested them against my sae60....sae60 is slower at my garage temp of 75f (as i type this)
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    Valvoline VR1 Racing vs Castrol GTX Classic (20/50)

    i cannot speak of the oil on the shelf today, but a few years ago i tested both Castrol GTX 20w50 and Valvoline VR1 20w50 in almost the same conditions VR1 stayed in grade and produced wonderful results.....gtx was turned in to a low 30wt imho....friends dont let friends use gtx my reports used...
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    SAE70 is 0W-70, apparently.

    if you have never poured sae60...dont even consider sae70. ive tested sae60 and that stuff was very slow to pour at 90F ambient. i would not recommend 60w for anything less than 85F ambient. for sae70 i would say 90F minimum. yes it will stay on the cam lobes between rides, but getting it up...
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    Post your motorcycle mileage

    0.00 race bikes dont have an odometer
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    Why is the V-4 so underutilized in motorcycles?

    i own and ride a v4 - honda vfr800 interceptor - i like it the weight could be considered a bit much for an 800cc motor compared to an inline4 but a 800cc sport touring bike costs a LOT less on insurance than a even a 600cc crotchrocket (i used to own/ride a goof2) as in 2months on the 600 =...
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    HDEOs not suitable for high RPM?

    OP while a good question imho posted in the wrong forum or you didnt look much at all ive been posting about using hdeo here on bitog for 17years now on a motor that spins way faster than any of these slow car motors. 9k? hahahaha my motor isnt even close to max hp...oh wait...the dyno shows...
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    Which 0W/5W-40 Oils are NOT Wet Clutch Compatible?

    or BSL rambling on yet has he ever shown an oil report from his relic? oh i know lets show a picture of how some molecules are bigger than others! L M A O
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    Which 0W/5W-40 Oils are NOT Wet Clutch Compatible?

    in all 3 manuals of my RACE bike - labeled by Yamaha for competition off-road use only - it says NOT to use Energy Conserving II oils i have not only asked but stated several times here on bitog over the last me a bottle of ANY oil that has Energy Conserving II on it...
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    2022 MT09

    Jenson rule #1 about blackstoner reports is that you dont listen to blackstoners reports! rule #2 is that you dont do a uoa on the 1st oci of a new motor. rule #3 or the 2nd or possibly even the 3rd (depending on miles when done) now the good things: so glad you did the oci at 400ish miles...