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    2007 Mercury Grand Marquis 4.6L Valvoline Blend 5W20 3078 mi

    I accomplish OCI's when my cheap Equinox's DI 2.4L starts to drink or burn oil, at a tune of 1 qt per 1000 miles. That's usually around 3,000 to 3,500 miles with QSFS 5W-30, or slightly less with Kirkland 5W-30. 142,000 miles and going strong. I suppose that I should accomplish a oil...
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    Couldn't take it anymore

    Good move. Tell us how you like the new Defenders over time. I've had Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor "LT" tires do well on ice and snow in Alaska, but only that model Goodyear. Report back someday.
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    Does 5W-30 REALLY protect better than 5W-20?

    Everyday, I wind my 2013 2.4L Equinox to 4000 to 4500 on short interstate on-ramps in the Milwaukee area. I don't mind winding the engine when it's needed -- and it's needed just about everyday. 142,000 and still going strong. She's clean as a whistle inside. Come to think of it, my Alaskan...
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    BFG AT KO2

    Have LT265/70/R17C KO2's on my Alaskan 1/2-ton, 4-door, 4WD Silverado. They are 3-peak mountain snowflake-rated. These tires are good to excellent in snow of all depths, and average to good on ice. In all other conditions, both on and off-road, they are excellent. IMHO, the KO2's saving grace...
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    Castrol Magnatec initial impressions.

    It is attractive after all...
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    Subaru Outback Wilderness

    Suburban wannabes? Must admit, I did drive a beater 4WD DL wagon around Alaska in the early 90's. It was my backup vehicle, next to my F-250 4WD 6.9L diesel truck. I remember it having a real 4WD system, and it never was stuck in snowy Alaska -- ever. It was a decent snow-go... but so was my...
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    The role of additives in motor oil performance

    I particularly liked the spelled-out roles of additives at the end of the article: The specific role of additives Oxidation inhibitors. (antioxidants), Oxidation is the general attack of the weakest components of the base oil by oxygen in the air. It occurs at all temperatures all time but...
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    Chevy to bring back the Corvair name

    After growing up in Kenosha, WI, my now 87-year old father owned a Rambler and an AMC Hornet when I was a kid (along with a Catalina station-wagon and High Sierra P/U). I do remember the straight-6 in the Rambler, while the Hornet had a column manual shifter. Boy, these thoughts go back many...
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    Chevy to bring back the Corvair name

    Classic, beautiful styling! Chevy...please bring back a modern variant!
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    I debated quite some time about whether or not to post this API program. In the end, I have decided to post links to the applicable website and the subsequent PDF report. Website: PDF Report...
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    10w30 diesel oil in a 7.3, what can you tell me?

    Interesting. I don't remember having to top-off Delo 15W-40 fills in my previous '87 F-250 with an International 6.9L engine. Perhaps it's because the injector systems on the International 6.9 and 7.3 IDI's was kept around 2000 psi. It appears the follow-on PowerStroke engines increased...
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    Rotella 0w40 no longer CJ-4/SN

    Perhaps it's just me, but I didn't find this 0W-40 on Shell's website yesterday. Is it there? This is/was great arctic oil for Alaska.
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    Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution Gen2

    That's a really good deal. Hard to beat it. I've been running Costco's Kirkland 5W-30 the last few OCI's because it's essentially $12.50 / 5-qt jug. Good oil, but I don't take it much past 3500 miles, especially in my little Equinox with a DI 4-cylinder engine. In the olden days, I ran Delo...