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    Used Titan vs Tundra

    Guy has clearly not driven a first gen Titan if he thinks it's peaky. The top end is where the Toyota outperforms the 5.6. My advice concerning the Titan would be try to find one in the 08-15' model years and avoid 04-05' models (mainly due to expensive rear diff issues and small brakes even...
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    Tirerack has been bought out by Discount Tire sadly.

    Tirerack isn't what it once was in terms of inventory and price compared to the competition anymore. I've used discount tire the last several tire purchases. They've both been around for a long time and I assure you a decade ago there is no way I'd have considered discount tire.
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    ATF: Which is worse, 1 quart high or one quart low?

    If I had to choose which I'd live with it would be one quart over. Why, because heat is the #1 destroyer of transmissions and for that reason I don't want reduced capacity. I'm not sure of the ill effects of too much but I've overfilled about a quart and didn't want to go thru the hassle of...
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    Design difference between 4cyl engines from America vs Japan

    I believe that may be the case for reliability but not for NHV and general refinement. If it's just that they should have nice silky smooth finished results during the developmental and prototype stages where I doubt quality control is an issue. Thru the 80s and 90s NONE of the big three could...
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    Floor Jacks

    Long reach hands down. I have both and don't know how many times that extra height and or reach came in useful. I only use the regular reach as a secondary jack to do things like support or raise control arms and differentials. On trucks or that fast acting lift pedal alone is worth the extra money.
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    Brake Rotors Effect on Stopping Power

    If you're talking slotted/drilled vs solid no difference for 98% of brake use... But it sure looks cool so I always get them lol. I did one her aluminum hat rotors which cut unsprung weight several lbs per side. Otherwise the only place to spend money on rotors is coating to slow rust.
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    Design difference between 4cyl engines from America vs Japan

    If Ford, GM and Chrysler with all their resources tearing them down, trying to copy and compete couldn't figure it out for decades what makes you think these jokers have the answer?
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    Will we see any new ICEs or transmissions developed?

    We are only driving gas vehicles for capitalisms sake. Just like crime in America can be cut to be just like every other 1rst world country but if you suddenly crack down what are you going to do with all the police, prosecutors, COs, POs, bail bond, fleet vehicle contracts, department gun and...
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    How good of a mechanic are you?

    Only tools separate 3&4 for me. With all the right tools for the job I'll say 4. If I have to do work arounds 3.
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    Help Me With My Brakes

    I use the regular cheap caliper compressor tool you show at the bottom with an old brake pad against the piston(s) to compress 95% of the time). Don't forget to open the brake reservoir cap 1rst. The ONLY TIME I've tried to used a brake tool kit is on calipers where the pistons have to be...
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    How are some of these dealerships even keeping the lights on?

    ALL new car dealerships make WAY more money in the service department vs new car sales. I also believe during the pandemic a lot of back door used car dealing goes on (acquiring and moving used cars outside their car lot). New car dealers want low mileage late model used cars on the lot. I've...
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    Is all name brand oil that meets specs the same?

    You'll never know. You can go by two things: 1. How tough the standards actually are and 2. Claims made in regards to the standards. There is a high probability under typical oil change intervals and driving conditions minimum standards are good enough not to make a difference. I don't think...
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    235,000 mile N54 valve cover change

    They fall flat on their face after 5000rpm. Not as bad as the single turbo N55 but the N54 mitsu turbos have no top end or ability to make top end boost. I take that back. At STOCK laughable low boost (been a while but I think around 7psi) they are linear. Tuned for what the turbos are capable...
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    235,000 mile N54 valve cover change

    I had one I kept for 200k. Valve cover gasket is a pain mainly because of the injectors and of course being a BMW every gasket leaks before 100k miles. I ran a MHD tuner, upgraded intercooler, intake and 30% ethanol tune and it ripped but they aren't built to own outside of a warranty. Besides...
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    Brakes pads recommendation

    I use Wagner almost exclusively but found powerstop oe replacement ceramic pads and rotor kit for $60 for my RAV4 and couldn't pass it up. Over the years I have used a bunch of chain store and name brand pads and except for the chain store $15-20 "value" pad have YET to be disappointed or wowed...