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    ZDDP Content

    Hi, I have read that the sales of Corona have declined in the USA while sales in the GB have gone thru the roof. Just saying.
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    LED H4 bulbs are close to reaching focus-parity with halogen in reflector headlights.

    From: BRI Source - Your Geniune automotive Lighting resource - LED Xenon HID "Why? HID Canbus version kits and LED decoder add-ons are designed to prevent warning signals/errors from appearing on the vehicle's dashboard after replacing the incandescent/halogen bulbs. They can also prevent...
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    The Rise of SAE 0W Lubricants

    Read "Pros and cons".
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    Can a magnet lower particle counts?

    A N45SH Neodymium Magnet is good for 150C. 10mm diameter with a 2.2lb pull. Put on the base of the filter if flat.|ps_1_2728
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    Overriding a "smart" battery management system

    Sounds like you have a problem with the ELD or elsewhere or your method of battery voltage readings is wrong. Battery voltage can not just jump from 12.3 v to 14.2 volts for example in one second on a healthy system? From the info below...
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    Overriding a "smart" battery management system

    Go LiFePo4? 4SxP. Programmable BMS. Give up on old chemistry. LOL If you are not measuring the voltage at battery terminals results are inaccurate. How is dumping energy smart?
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    Overriding a "smart" battery management system

    Hi, First I would ensure I understand the distinction between Potential Difference and EMF. I would measure current with a clamp meter. I would determine what battery chemistry I had. If I was then smarter than A BMS I would design my own. As mentioned above, measure at the center of battery...
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    Is Aluminum Wiring Okay To Use

    For 12/24VDC Avoid Al wire. Avoid aluminium wire. Its sole purpose is to save money over copper. In the lengths & current you will use it is a false economy.
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    Winter compressor setup

    Picked this compressor up in the spring break. I utilised it in the summer to fill some bike & car tyres. I think it cycled only once during use. Never used it for any other work. Cold Winter start-up is a must so I purchased Amsoil SAE 20 from my local hardware store. By golly, I will use it...
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    Best battery charger alligator clips?

    Crocks are a bad way to connect. Permanently install a flying fused DC socket of your choice. Make a long flying lead with a male mating connector on one end and crocks on the other if you want to help other batteries.
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    Differing Zinc & Phosphorus Levels in Mobil1 Oils

    Why are you bothered about ZDDP levels? Do you run high spring pressures on flat tappets or another reason?
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    Can I Adjust Running Speed on Generator

    Increasing the RPM will increase the frequency and probably voltage. Find the AVR and adjust it. Not the RPM if its outputting 60Hz. But as mentioned above; do check it is actually 60Hz on load.
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    Start-up rattle - oil filter leak down??

    Sounds like a bad ADV in the filter.
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    Battery Cable types

    Class 5 cable of suitable CSA. High DC current the Class 5 will drop less volts.