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    best gas stablizer

    I use this....keeps fuel fresh for 3 years. <a href=""...
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    Another reason might be the state of the company.......current stock price of $0.0055 per share as of 3/24/18.....I currently have over 4000 shares hoping one day they'll make a comeback and make me rich!!! <img src="/forums/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="grin" title="grin" height="15" width="15" />
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    Fuel filters

    I'm just wondering about the effects of having a really dirty fuel filter like the one he has. I would think some of that black dirt must have made it past the filter. Does that mean adding any fuel additives that are suppose to clean the fuel system and combustion chamber such as Techron or...
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    Fuel filters

    Saw a YouTube video on fuel filters posted by ChrisFix. Make me wonder about both my Honda vehicles which supposedly does not have a serviceable fuel filter. Both vehicles (08 Odyssey and 07 Fit) have >140k miles on them. <a href=""...
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    Honda generator engine

    Since all Honda generators are splash lube engines....meaning there's no oil filter to filter out any contaminates, changing the oil at the correct manufacturer recommended interval is more important and does more to extend engine life than what kind of oils are used.
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    Drain and fill without filter change

    Would it be better to drain the oil in the filter and then reusing it or just leave it in for another 2 OCIs?
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    Let's see your oil stash!!!

    Might want to cover up your personal information on that yellow envelope. It's got your name and other info (like the last 4 of your SSN). Looks like you had a birthday not too long ago..... <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" />
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    Gas stations with older style pumps....

    In my area, there are many places where you can get gas that has older style pumps where it doesn't have a credit card reader and you have to pay inside, but the pumps have digital displays. There are also stations where the pumps have actual mechanical displays where the numbers roll. Most of...
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    Should I drain?

    So reading an earlier thread about overfilled transmissions got me thinking about an ATF change I did recently on my 2008 Honda Odyssey. Drove it about 200 miles now after the change. I normally put in 3.5 quarts to get it half way between the marks even though the manual says 3.3 quarts for a...
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    Mr Funnel micron rating

    Just emailed the tech support about what the micron rating for their funnels are and their response was "50 micron". Now my only question would be if that is sufficient to filter out any fine dirt/sediment from a gas container that was filled with contaminated gas. A suggestion was to use coffee...
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    Bottom of car or station tank = dirk/gunk if low

    A few weeks ago, I had purchased some ethanol free gas from a station that had the older style pumps where there's no credit card reader at the pump (seems like most E0 stations are like this in NC). Anyways, I remembered I had posted here a question about the quality of the E0 gas since I...
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    Found a place that sells ethanol free fuel.

    Just found that all three of my 5 gallon gas containers all have a lot of fine black dirt/sediment on the bottom. Never had this happened before. I believe the gas station that I got my E0 gas is the culprit. Not sure if they have fuel filters on their pump. It's one of those older style pumps...
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    Pour Point of QSUD 10W30

    I find it interesting that the pour point of QSUD 10W30 is -51 degC, while the 0W20 is only -45 degC. I would have thought the 0W20 would have a much lower pour point than the 10W30. 10W30 datasheet <a...
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    Fresh E10 gas or unknown quality E0 gas?

    For small engines and other OPE, would it be better to get gas from a known station that refills their tank every week and add a fuel stabilizer.......or get E0 gas from a station where I'm not sure how long that gas has been sitting there? For my small engines, I always keep the gas tank full...
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    For those who use PRI-G.....

    For those people who are familiar with Pri-G, what are your thoughts on the warning for Pri-G on the Fuel Testers website: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>