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    Delo synthetic sources?

    IF you find a retailer try the Chevron Delo 0-30 full syn. It might be 5-30. But we ran it in our race bikes and it resulted in very little wear, the best of all the syn oils we tried. The bikes loved it. Jeff
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    So does anyone of these new ATFs provide a good match to the Mercedes ZF electronic 5 and 7 speed autos? Jeff
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    NASCAR teams use off the shelf oil?

    There was an eariler post about running OTC oil in a motorcycle engine running 11,000 rpm for 4 hours. The answer is "YES". There are several 24 hour races where motorcycle engines are run at typical rpms of 8,000 rpm to 15,000 rpm. The big 24 event is the 24hours of LeMans. Jeff
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    Fuel Power and BND-TK7 Gas Enhancments? Which is Better?

    I have been running a product called TK7 to increase octane and to increase the energy levels in pump gas. I add it to 91 octane fuel. It seems to work pretty well and does result in some slight increases in throttle response. But it is expensive. Is Fuel Power the same sort of additive in...
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    Mobil 1R PDS Sheet

    I don't know why some of you have such a hard time believing NASCAR uses a 30wt oil to run races with. They certainly would not run this in a Q engine. In a Q engine it would be 5-10wt oil. But in case you have not kept up on the NASCAR rules, they are only allowed one engine for the whole...
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    Stainless Steel Oil Filter for my Mercedes

    K & P Engineering made the filter for me and I believe they are going to set the price at approx. $85.00US It filters down to 10 microns+/-. Jeff
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    Stainless Steel Oil Filter for my Mercedes

    After reading the Oil Filter thread here at BITOG I became somewhat concerned and went to a manufacturer and had this nice Stainless Steel oil filter constructed. It filters down to 10 microns and offers almost zero flow restriction, even on cold starts. I have been running it for about 3,000...
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    NEO oil and API spec

    MolaKule says "Seems Ironic!" It just seems Perphosphorus to me! Jeff
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    Who is using Mobil 1 R - what engine,purpose?

    I am using Mobil 1R in my Mercedes AMG C43. It is a 4.3L V8. Redline is 6,300rpm. It is driven very hard and sees redline several times a day when I drive it. I use it as a test car to try different performance improvements and use a PDA dyno to check for progress. Typical oil change...
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    Who is using Mobil 1 R?

    I am using it in my 1999, Mercedes AMG C43 which has a 4.3L V8. So far it makes the engine less noisey than the GC. The oil smells like gear oil.
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    Mobil 1 R Pretty Impressed So Far

    Dr. T, Yes the spec you mentioned is the MB spec. But I hate to follow the rules. I was running M1 5-30wt and getting pretty good Lab results, then went to GC and had better UOA results. So now on to the next best and greatest oil, M1R. So I get some miles on the car and see how it...
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    Best ATF for my Mercedes AMG C43 Auto Tranny?

    Anyone else have any recommendations on a suitable replacement for the Mercedes Benz ATF fluid used for late model Auto Trannys. The only approved ATF is the Mercedes Dealer ATF. Thanks, Jeff
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    Mobil 1 R Pretty Impressed So Far

    I have had the new Mobil 1R in my Mercedes AMG C43 now for about 500 miles and I must say it certainly has made the engine ( 4.3L, V8) run and idle smooth. As smooth as the GC that I was running before, with less valve train noise. I will look forward to the UOA coming in the next 2,500 miles...
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    Best ATF for my Mercedes AMG C43 Auto Tranny?

    FowVay, Please tell me more about the VW Esso ATF fluid and its formulation. My AMG C43 does use the new MB tranny and comes with a lifetime fill. Many of these tranny's fail right after the warranty runs out. Is it beeter than the Mercedes specific ATF? Thanks for your time. Jeff
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    Mobil 1R Spectro Oil analysis results

    I put the M1R in my Mercedes 4.3L V8 today and it made some of the lifter noise I still had with the GC go away. It a very pungent oil, almost gear oil smelly. It is also darker than the standard M1 5-30wt oils. Jeff