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    Oil Consumption-2010 RAV4-V6

    The rear bank of spark plugs on our '07 Rav 4 V6 wasn't that hard to change. NOW.....the time and effort doing a transmission pan drop is something else. Ours was never done till I changed out the filter/strainer and cleaned the pan/magnets. The dealer refused to do this and I can see why. (They...
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    Oil Consumption-2010 RAV4-V6

    I maintain my daughter's '07 Rav 4 V6. Bought used, now has about 185k. Since our ownership I used Castrol Edge 5w-30 and never noticed any oil usage. Latest oil change was w/Mobil 1 EP 5w-30. (Plus 1.5 Qts. of EP High Mileage 5w-30 to make up the 6.4 Qt Oil/filter change.) Engine runs smoother...
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    Nissan MR20DD fuel dilution in oil

    You are absolutely right. This (MR20DD) is the first gas direct engine we've ever owned. I'm saving a sample amount of used oil. Will drain another couple of qts in a 2-3 months and see how it compares. Not overly concerned just unaware of this engine could have this issue. Will use the CRC IVD...
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    Nissan MR20DD fuel dilution in oil

    Thank-you so much for your efforts....much appreciated.
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    Nissan MR20DD fuel dilution in oil

    Never thought of IVD preventative maintaince. Thank-you for mentioning. Could you please elaborate....which method do you use? Yes, a proper test would be prudent. Presently I do twice yearly OC's regardless of miles. (Start of winter/summer.) 5k miles per year w/somewhat of a short drive to...
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    Nissan MR20DD fuel dilution in oil

    The percentage of fuel in the oil is unknown. From my understanding, all DI engines have this issue to some extent. I'll just be changing the oil more often and really keep an eye on it. (This is the first time I was made aware of this because on all my previous oil changes I drained the used...
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    Nissan MR20DD fuel dilution in oil

    I've been doing nearly every one of the oil changes on our 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport. I never realized just how much fuel could be in the used oil. (This engine turns the oil black in a very short time as well.) I installed a Fumoto valve about 3 months ago when I did an oil/filter change. I was...
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    Fumoto Drain Valve

    I installed an older design Fumoto valve on our '17 Rogue Sport. Haven't had a chance to use yet. But I had to shave a little of the gasket in order to position the valve lever where I wanted. I can't see how it could open by accident. Haven't timed how long to drain. Hoping for 15 minutes or...
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    2009 Lexus RX 350 3.5L 2GR FE piston slap/VVTI ticking

    My Daughter has an '07 Rav 4 V6 which we bought used w/142K mi. about 5 yrs ago. I've done all the oil/filters changes since then. Used Castrol Edge/Magnetic 5w-30 oil w/ twice yearly oil changes. Recently tried Mobil 1 Extended 5 Qts. 5w-30 w/1.4 Qt. High Mileage Mobil 1 Extended. Excellent...
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    KYB or OEM Toyota shocks?

    Recently on my Daughter's '07 Rav 4 V6, I had OEM rear shocks installed. (They were very well priced.) Had a difficult time deciding on the front struts. After much thought, I went w/ Gabriel Ultra Ready Mounts. I'm very pleased w/the way they ride and handle. Overall, the SUV is a total...
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    Taking off from Santa Ana (SNA) - wooo that was fun.

    My last flight was on a 757 from London to Washington DC, Dulles. I could tell on take off there was power in those engines. It was a narrow body and it was a long flight especially after missing my previous flight thanks to Brussels Airlines. The most unusual takeoff was from San Jose where the...
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    Mobil 1 EP 5w-30. Awesome oil.

    Since we bought the 07 Rav 4 w/143k miles, I've only used Castrol 5w-30 oils. Now @ 187K I went w/the Mobil 1 EP oil. In this context, I've found the EP oil to make the engine run and idle much smoother. How it compares w/Pennzoil Ultra or other oils I don't know. It will be interesting after...
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    Mobil 1 EP 5w-30. Awesome oil.

    I have to omit I have not been a Mobil 1 fan. But, after reading up on this extended version oil (from this website) I decided to buy 3 jugs awhile back. I was going to use this oil after my Castrol Edge/Magnetic supply was depleted. went this oil into my daughter's 2007 Rav 4 V6 (187k...
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    General Tire rebates : 3/1 > 4/30/21

    Helped w/my decision to order from Sam's Club a set of (4) 225/65/17's H-rated for my daughter's Rav4. I have the T-rated ones on our van and I've been very pleased w/these tires.
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    Battle of the cheap synthetic blends

    Chevron Supreme. Pretty blue jug. Going to be rare. Exclusivity. Just bought 3 jugs. Contemplating 3 more.