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    Super Tech FS prices have increased again

    SuperTech synthetic prices in my neck of the woods is still $17.xx and $19.xx for the 5 quart jug. Of course prices on everything are up. Americans are selfish arrogant idiots. The more the pandemic continues the more problems it will cause. Too many macho morons out there who are the...
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    Movies you hate that most like.....

    The Warriors A clockwork orange Spaceballs Blade Runner The Irishman Elf A Christmas Story Any stand up comedy from Robin Williams I’m sure there are many more
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    What's your factory carry ammo, and why?

    In my 9mm’s it’s usually Remington Golden Saber 124gr +P or the basic Remington 115gr jhp as well. Remington sells 100 round packs of that stuff. I’ve never had any issue with the basic 115gr. For 45acp it’s Golden saber as well in 185gr +P. Or at least I think that’s the grain. Also WWB 230gr...
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    Things That Make You Go, "Hmmmm......"

    If Pinocchio had said his nose grows every time he told the truth, no one would have known he was lying.
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    Adult kids leaving the nest and moving far away....

    I am the kid who moved away lol. In ‘99 my wife and I moved from our home state, moving away from family and friends. Leaving all that was familiar. We’ve moved and lived in a lot of states. Our kids were born in different parts of the country. We certainly don’t have the traditional...
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    Tipping for a move

    If you want to tip that’s your prerogative. I’ve never tipped movers in like 8-9 moves. We’ve had decent movers but most are people that don’t care about you or your stuff. It’s already too expensive. After they’re done if you think it was service above and beyond tip away. Otherwise you’ve...
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    Commercials that you hate.

    Any insurance company promotion, Liberty Mutual, stake from jate farm……. Here we have non stop online sports betting or casino game betting advertisements. Celebs even promote some of them. Then we have several in state casinos that run commercials pretty much back to back in the evenings...
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    Hampton Inn, Sav GA airport, theft of all my belongings

    I understand your frustration. In the 90’s I had a BRAND NEW Columbia winter coat disappear out of my hotel room. The hotel wouldn’t do a thing. I just had to live with it. Still gets me angry to this day. Short of an actual robber breaking into my room it had to be staff. 2 shirts vanished...
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    Moving out of state

    We’ve moved states 9 times. Hire professionals. At least they are insured properly. It’s expensive but there’s no real way around it unless the move isn’t that far and you’re a do it yourselfer. The moving company sends a rep to your house to inventory your belongings. Then sets a date to pack...
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    Home Buyers Skipping Home Inspection?

    It would certainly be up to the buyer to inspect or not. I’d never purchase a home without one. You could list ‘as is’ and price it to match. Of course I understand you want all you can get out of it as would anyone. We’ve moved A LOT and always have an inspection done. I agree inspectors are...
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    21 shot or more 9mm autoloader with a safety?

    Also there are 20 round MecGar mags available for the Beretta 92 and Taurus PT92. I know those have safeties.
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    21 shot or more 9mm autoloader with a safety?

    Doesn’t Canik have a 20 round mag for some of their pistols? TP9SF maybe? Although I’m not very familiar with Canik so I don’t know about an external safety.
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    Oil Weight Recommendation for 2010 Crown Vic

    What’s the word weight have to do with engine oil? It comes in grades.
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    School me on cordless chainsaws

    I too have been thinking about getting an electric chainsaw. I have two gas saws, a Stihl with a 16” bar and a Poulan with an 18”. The Stihl runs well and strong. Poulan is decent enough for what it cost. But for smaller jobs around the yard an electric saw would be welcome. No gas, no...
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    Super-Tech 5W-30 no bueno?

    Your Subaru was 3 qts low and you were out driving it around? Sounds like a you problem. You had to have someone else point this out to you? I don’t get it. When was the last time you checked the oil? How many miles to lose 3 qts?