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    New STP Euro 5W-40

    Its ACEA A3/B4 The CLASS indicates oil intended for a general type of engines – currently there are: A/B = Gasoline and Light Duty Diesel Engines C = Catalyst compatible oils for Gasoline and Light Duty Diesel Engines with Aftertreatment devices E = Heavy Duty Diesel Engines Other classes may...
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    Mobil 1 5W30 ESP?

    The ESP line is good stuff. I believe all viscosities (0w40, 0w20, 0w30, 5w30) are in the ACEA C category (Catalyst compatible oils for Gasoline and Light Duty Diesel Engines with Aftertreatment devices). That in itself requires them to be extended drain interval products. I use ESP 5W30 and...
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    More TBN IS not necessarily a always good thing. There are tradeoffs. I'm sure others here more knowledgeable can weigh in. Anyhow, from their website: TBN Booster additive is the only fortified engine oil stabilizer that increases total base number (TBN) and viscosity by replenishing the...
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    Anyone does 7K-8K OCIs on conventional?

    I had a '99 F-150 4.6l V8 and it actually called for a 7,500 mile oci for normal driving conditions without specifying it had to be highly refined (synthetic oil).
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    What is the mileage you normally run an OCI?

    10,000 miles 2021 Mazda3 vw spec 508.00 oil 10,000 miles 2020 VW Jetta 1.4 vw spec 508.00 oil 10,000 miles 2017 Durmax 2.8l vw spec 507.00 oil
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    Wax ratings on Dmitry's Garage

    About three months ago I saw some Rust-Oleum Factor 4 at Tractor Supply. I'd never seen this before and was intrigued by the fact that it was a multi step system. Anyhow, after a few more trips to TSC, I finally went ahead and bought some. I'm think it was somewhere around 20 ~ 25 bucks...
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    Mobil 0W20 - Seven Different Flavors

    The Mobil 1 0w-20 Advanced Fuel Economy has got me perplexed? What would they do to that formula to make it give better mileage? Less friction internally by changing what?
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    Mobil 0W20 - Seven Different Flavors

    Just browsing the Mobil1 site and it appears they have a bunch of 0w20 varieties: Mobil 1™ Extended Performance 0W-20 Up to 20,000 miles of outstanding wear protection – guaranteed. Mobil 1™ ESP X2 0W-20 Helps prolong the life and maintain the efficiency of emission systems in new, emerging...
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    Boxed Motor Oil WARNING

    I'd be curious as to the safe space it was stored. I've known guys who would have quarts of oil they carried around in the trunk of their car or a pickup truck tool box. Safe yes, but probably not best place for long term storage of oil.
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    10W40 vs 0W40

    More viscosity modifiers are required for a 0w base oil than a 10w base oil to perform like a 40w when hot. With a good PAO base stock oil it probably won't make much of a difference in a 0w-40. For a group III it may.
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    Mixed Oil Debate

    I'll open up a can of worms with this, but most of the Mobil oils have some decent boron numbers, while most Valvoline VOA's don't have hardly any. Anyone ever mixed any of those? Valvoline Modern Engine 5w30 VOA Mobil 1 ESP X2 0W20 VOA (BITOG)
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    Mixed Oil Debate

    The first number in the grade is more dependent on the base oil and the second number is dependent on viscosity modifiers. So within the same brand, you're probably getting the same chemistry, but I don't see how mixing different brands would cause issues. Will Mixing 10 Motor Oils Damage an...
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    M1 ESP 0W-30 vs M1 ESP x2 0W-20

    T he VOA for the ESP X2 0w-20 has boron at 293 ppm and moly at 75 ppm. I could not locate a VOA for the ESP 0w-30 but I suspect the numbers would be roughly the same.
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    M1 ESP 0W-30 vs M1 ESP x2 0W-20

    I found the video Will Thinner Oils Damage Your Engine? and I was wrong. He stated going lower on the 2nd number, was probably not a good idea. Pretty good video to watch from the start. I have a Gorn bobble head I've had for many years in my man cave. :)
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    M1 ESP 0W-30 vs M1 ESP x2 0W-20

    I thought I had listened to the Engineering Explained guy and he said the bottom number you really did not want to mess with? I still have some ESP 5w-30 leftover from when I had my Tdi that I'm going to run in my 2.8L Dumax as that is also Dexos2.