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    When is the big NAPA oil filter sale?

    So I called my local napa store and asked if the filter sale was going on. Guy told me no its starts October 1st. He told me its same time every year. Once in the spring and then in the fall
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    When is the big NAPA oil filter sale?

    Last time I was in napa I asked since I missed the spring sale. He told me 1st week of October
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    New FRAM Extra Guard oil filter video. From Fram

    I been using the improved fram extra gaurds since my stash of napa golds ran out and I missed the last couple of napa sales on the golds. If I can remember I will stock back up on golds first week of october. I had no problem running the older style from time to time but since they now have...
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    Gun oil article

    I have pretty much stopped using oil on my guns except for maybe little bit swabbed inside the bore. For past couple of years I have used some type of carnuba spray wax. Automotive type. Use on metal, wood,and synthetic stocks. Works great. I have tried several types and they all work the same...
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    OAT ad NOAT

    Yes it is ok to mix.
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    Long Life Coolant Change Intervals?

    I would drain and observe coolant. If it's not discolored and looks good i would add the appropriate coolant and mix and call it good for another 5 years. If its dirty looking I would do some flushes. I bet is it looks good and drain and fill will be fine. This oat and hoat coolants protect well...
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    Important (urgent) question about coolant for Kubota B2620 diesel.

    Use the peak final charge if you only drained once If you did flushes with water I would look for something concentrated. Keep in kind if you only drained once you probably only drained about half of capacity and if you add this 50/50 final charge you maintain the proper ratio of water and...
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    Removing overspray?

    I just had this same problem on 2016 Yukon that had to have right rear door painted. Charged my insurance ridiculous price. Done a decent job but got over spray on entire right side and half of the hood. I should have taken it back but ended up using a clay bar myself and it came off with some...
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    Need opinions quick

    Well I just left Wally world. I had made my decision to get 2 one gallon of prestone dexcool. But I changed my mind. Went with supertech. After reading alot here and other places I think minus color these oat coolants,dexcool included, are close if not identical to each other. I mean there may...
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    Need opinions quick

    Imp4 it's cool. <img src="/forums/graemlins/cheers3.gif" alt="cheers" title="cheers" height="16" width="57" />
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    Need opinions quick

    Snagglefoot I am completely gonna flush out with distilled and then add 2 gallon of concentrate as my total compacity is 16.5 quarts. Thanks for your response. Still on the fence between DeX or something else
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    Need opinions quick

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by Imp4</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Why ask for opinions here when Ford will tell you exactly what to do?</div></div> Why have and oil forum and discuss oil when your manual tells you what to use
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    Need opinions quick

    Truck 2012 f150 3.5 EcoBoost 60,000 miles I heard ford changed to another coolant so I thought I would change as it's time. My truck came with ford specialty orange which to myunderstanding is dexcool. I did a drain and fill only in 2016 and coolant came out clear. What I mean by clear is...
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    Help with oil filter

    I'm having problems finding oil filter alternatives for john deere z930m zero turn with kohler 25 horse motor. Napa crossed my original to 1356 but thread hole is to big. It will screw on but has alot of slack in it. Don't know original filter number but I'm working on it but knew I could get...
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    Disposing of used oil

    Big metal container with a hole on top.