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    Premium Floor Mats

    I’ve been looking for a set of quality carpet mats for my Passat with no success. Can you recommend a good source? TIA Smoky
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    Question about hand winding a relay coil

    Look up the rule of thumb for coils. I can’t remember it but always holds true. smoky
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    Charging battery on VW Passat?

    Well this was a Christmas present for my bride; putting up with a BITOG for 35 years can’t be easy. It is short tripped by her 2 or3 times a week for about 7 mi per trip so I usually keep she car on a maintainer. Yes the British Racing Green is nice. Wife has wanted a green car forever. Smoky
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    Charging battery on VW Passat?

    This is my first experience with a VW and after reading the owner's manual I'm full of questions and CAUTIONS. The book says to only let a VW dealer charge or change the battery. Can you charge the battery like most other cars? Is some special procedure required etc. The oil specs and change...
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    Mending plastic again

    I've had success with MEK. Wet the edges you want to stick with a Q-tip and hold until it fuses together. Try a drop of MEK on the plastic to see if it melts, if not try another solvent. Good luck Smoky
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    Rotella 15w40 T4 & T6 in Motorcycles

    no difference in the T5 old to new.
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    Rotella 15w40 T4 & T6 in Motorcycles

    The newest T5 is not even gasoline rated on the bottle. I called Shell and they told me there was no difference in formulation they just didn't put it on the jug. T5 was one of the best I've run as far as shift quality goes. My bike is air cooled and destroys oil quickly where I ride, SW desert...
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    Thinking of a 2022 to replace the Fusion. If you own or have rented one I would appreciate your opinions, good bad or indifferent. Lot of wisdom here which I value. I’m looking for a good road car with decent MPG and handling, quiet a real plus. TIA Smoky
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    Risk of oil contamination from scotchbrite pads

    Put bike on stand, with left hand on your head walk around the bike counterclockwise three times. Fire that baby up and ride in good health. Shiny side UP Smoky
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    Cultured Marble Polish?

    I have some minor scratches in a cultured marble counter top. Can I get some ideas on a good compound/polish to work them out. I know it ain’t car stuff but I have found many car products to be superior to household products in the bath and kitchen. TIA Smoky
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    Kitchen counter transmission valve body repair

    Over hauled my Yamaha YDS3 on my kitchen table; I suppose it could have contributed to my divorce. Oh well some people have no sense of humor. Smoky
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    What is your state known for?

    NEW….. not necessarily improved!
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    Funny named places.

    Bugscuffle NM
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    Effective Deodorant Hunt.

    I've found it impossible to find an effective antiperspirant/ "pit stop" recently. Have you gentlemen any recommendations for a guy who is in need of help? My section of the country is rather warm, Covid distancing has been a godsend, but with social distancing being dropped I need some help...
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    Caliper Slide Pin Difference?

    According to Honda, it goes on the leading pin. Smoky