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    Post Your Latest Coolant Change.

    2013 Honda CRV I had coolant service done at Honda . Not sure of previous fill but I imagine it was factory fill about 29k ago .
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    Post your latest oil change

    2013 Honda CRV 29,107 miles Out: Honda 0w20, OEM filter In: Same
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    Do you know anyone that ALWAYS makes WIDE turns?

    An intersection near me has 2 lanes designated for right turn only, plus no right turn on red . The lead car on the inner right turning lane more often seems to be the one to make the turn wide, entering into the lane of the vehicle on their left . I would estimate that there is contact between...
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    Baseball Legend

    RIP. One of the legends of the game .
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    Cereal: which ones do you eat?

    I like Raisin Bran and will occasionally buy Count Chocula if I see it for sale, which is rare .
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    McDonalds brings back McRib sandwich nationwide

    The meat in fast food can be thought of as a "Synthetic Blend" .
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    Lets talk about Bourbon

    Last week I purchased a bottle of EWSB 2011. Its tasted much different than EW Black . I do not have a lot of experience with Bourbon and like the Black better neat . I also had the cork break when opening . I managed to lightly press it back in but not sure if glue will do the trick...
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    Eddie Van Halen RIP. Dead at age 65

    RIP Ed. Thanks for the great music .
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    Formula Shell Conventional $11.xx per quart. tropical Storm Isaias Promotion .

    I paid the same price for a 5 quart jug at Home Depot last year .
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    Formula Shell Conventional $11.xx per quart. tropical Storm Isaias Promotion .

    During a power outage earlier this month I went to purchase a quart of oil for a generator. I found a Shell station that was open and I grabbed a quart of Formula Shell and asked the attendant in the booth how much it cost . He replied $11 and change . I politely put it back and paid $5 for...
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    Are you an adventurous person who tries new foods?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by WhyMe</div><div class="ubbcode-body">get some chicken breast or thigh and get a bottle of this from the store. cook it together. eat it with white rice and its a great meal. <a...
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    Okay to suddenly abandon Hi-Mi oil?

    I alternated high mileage synthetic 5w30 and conventional non-high mileage 5w30 for a few years in my 99 Explorer . I did not encounter any problems with leaks or consumption .
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    Post your latest oil change

    2013 CRV Out : Mavis Tire 0w20, V4612 filter ? According to service receipt from previous owner . I am not sure that filter is the correct part #. Mavis also listed the vehicle as 2012 . In : Honda 0w20, OEM filter (done at dealer)
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    Neil Peart of Rush is Dead

    Just heard about it earlier from a friend who is a drummer . RIP Neil . Excellent drummer and gave the world a lot of great music .
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    Strange Ice Formation

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by 02SE</div><div class="ubbcode-body">T-1000 was about to ruin your day, but fortunately froze before it was too late...</div></div> LOL !