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    Car about to sit for 11 days, fear of damage

    I have to go out-of-town for 11 days for work training, and I’m leaving my Camry parked at an airport parking garage. I don’t think I’ve ever let my car sit for longer than 4 days without being driven since I’ve gotten it. That being said, I’m worried rodents may get in the engine bay and chew...
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    5W-30 instead of 0W-20 for 2016 Toyota Camry 2.5 Hybrid

    I’ve run 0w20, 5w30 and am currently running 0w30 in my 2AR-FE. No problems to report.
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    parking car for 20 days outside

    Don’t leave any food in the car, don’t want to attract any bugs
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    Who's your favorite YT gearhead personality???

    ETCG and Big Dog50001: Informative Honda techs The Mech a nic: Honest mechanic, works on clapped out sh!tboxes, very entertaining The Car Care Nut: very thorough and knowledgeable (I own a Toyota, so his information is most valuable to me) WhistlinDiesel: some people just want to watch the...
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    I've never liked tinted windows but its just too hot. I gave in.

    I have 30% front and 20% rear ceramic on my car. It doesn’t block all heat but I can definitely tell a difference of heat on the leather when sitting in the sun. Especially when it shines the side window and the windshield on the same seat, the window side is much cool then where the windshield...
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    Do you use a reminder sticker when you do your own oil change?

    Toyota “maintenance minder” every 5,000 miles, rest it using Trip A and track it with that. I also write it down in a notebook dedicated to the car. On top of that, I use the CarFax car care app as yet another way. I still put up a windshield sticker too, just so when people walk by my car a see...
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    Walmart brand Super Tech summer formula washer fluid smells like fart

    The SuperTech green bug remover fluid smells like rotten eggs. I had some sitting around and topped off my car then noticed the fluid had brown debris in it! Had to pull back my fender liner and remove the pump then flush the reservoir out just to make sure I wouldn’t clog the pump with that...
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    Valvoline Extended Protection 5w30 7k miles; 4.8L 168k miles

    Great to see, on my second OC with EP 5w30
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    The honeymoon is over

    For the most part, PCV valve is a big pain but it’s not something you’ll replace everyday. Overall, a big reason I got a Camry 2.5. A 4 cylinder in an engine bay designed around a V6 leaves you with actual room to work unlike many other modern sedans.
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    2023 Honda HR-V

    I wouldn’t consider it a “hatchback” anyway. It’s a good car, but the way they designed it, I’d call it more of a “liftback”. Trunk lid swoops downward at too low of an angle, hatchbacks are more upright. imo, it’s more practical when upright since you can haul more tall items. The 2022 Civic...
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    Driver of Shockwave Jet Truck dies

    Dang, that’s really unfortunate. I’ve seen him perform at airshows before, very unique performance. Thoughts go out to his family and friends who are affected by this.
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    BITOG would be very proud of my non-car person sister - niece is getting a "new" car.

    I’m 20 and own a grandma-spec silver 2013 Camry XLE with close to 130k. It’s the least interesting car ever but I just wanted something newer and dependable with cold A/C, the fun car can come later in my life. Only major repair since I got the car with 109k was having to replace front wheel...
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    When To Use Your Parking Lights

    I have my DRLs disabled on my car due to having aftermarket LED highbeams (the DRLs flicker with LEDs installed, don’t won’t to annoy other drivers by leaving them on) so I use my parking lights instead. The place I use parking lights the most is in tunnels, since they have their own lighting...
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    Andy Fletcher Died

    Celebrity deaths usually don’t upset me, but this one caught me off guard. I first discovered Depeche Mode through my father a few years ago and I liked them, but I really got into to them about 2 years ago and they’ve been one of my favorite groups since. While he wasn’t known as the most...
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    Do you or have you used a sun shade in a vehicle?

    Ceramic tint is also nice. Not cheap but worth it IMO