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    2006 Town and Country, 138,000 miles, 5w-20

    The van has 138,000 miles. We live in the country so we have to drive 10 miles just to get anywhere and my wife drives just over 20 miles to get to work. Plus we have a small AWD vehicle we drive in the winter as my wife has to get to work before they always get the roads plowed.
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    2006 Town and Country, 138,000 miles, 5w-20

    Haven't posted in along time but was kind of impressed by this UOA from our minivan with 12,297 miles on the oil using a Bosch distance Plus filter. The oil was something I got at Wal-Mart, probably a semi-synthetic Castrol product. Iron 14 Nikl .7 Chrm .4 Tita .2 Copp 3.6 Alum 4.5 Tin .1...
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    6.0l powerstroke, 10w-30 delo 400

    I added an LF777 bypass filter that adds three or four quarts so it might be a little more than 16 quarts even.
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    6.0l powerstroke, 10w-30 delo 400

    F350 - Diesel Engine Unit Make : FORD Unit Model : F350 Serial No : {n/a} Date Rec'd : Aug 24, 2015 Comp Make : INTERNATIONAL Cust. Ref No. : {n/a} Sample Date : Aug 18, 2015 Comp Model : VT365 Stub No. : RW-M2253676 Diagnostician : Jonathan Hester RECOMMENDATION No corrective action...
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    New Holland T9030 Iveco 12.7L engine, Service Pro

    Some of the wear metals shot up between the initial and the second analysis I did so I did an oil change and now they are low again but the tbn is kinda low probably because of the high sulfur. There is a crank case vent filter fitted on back side of engine that the manual recommends changing...
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    New Holland T9030 Iveco 12.7L engine, Service Pro

    I just copied and pasted the UOA I received. I had edited the listing in preview but then it shifted all my values back over. The current iron is 48 and copper 3.4. I've only done three samples and the fourth number is what Wearcheck considers the abnormal wear limit. Next time I should just...
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    New Holland T9030 Iveco 12.7L engine, Service Pro

    Unit Make : NEW HOLLAND Unit Model : T9030 Serial No : {n/a} Date Rec'd : Aug 12, 2015 Comp Make : IVECO Cust. Ref No. : {n/a} Sample Date : Aug 4, 2015 Comp Model : CURSOR 12.9L Stub No. : RW-M2253672 Diagnostician : Wes Davis RECOMMENDATION Resample at the next service interval to...
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    Plan 'B' for bleeders when Blaster and time fail?

    Loosen the banjo bolt that holds the brake line on? I've bled my brakes that way when I couldn't get the bleeder loose and it worked just fine.
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    Does used oil run warmer?

    All other factors being equal, might a used oil run warmer than fresh, new oil? Once the additive package and properties of the oil break down, will it no longer be able to dissipate heat as well and run at a higher operating temperature?
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    Tool box brands - Does it really matter?

    I've always bought used boxes. Got one off eBay and a trade-in off a tool guys truck.
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    favorite star trek episode?

    TOS I like "Space Seed" a lot that introduced Khan. That led to the best Star Trek movie imo, "Wrath of Khan". TNG, its kind of a goofy episode, but I like "Nth Degree" a lot. I enjoyed pretty much any episode with Dwight Schultz playing Barclay in it.
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    Darmok and Jalad

    Dathan and Picard at Elandril. That's awesome.
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    Cat 938H loader, 6.6l engine, 2098 hours

    This is from the Cat 938H loader we use on our farm. Using a Cat 269-8325 filter with an LF777 bypass filter. Using Service Pro 15w-40 engine oil. The loader has 4605 total hours with about 2098 on the oil. Unit hours 3484, 4046, 4431, 4605 Oil hours 977, 1539, 1924, 2098 Sili 4.6...
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    Rate my tire damage: repairable?

    Yeah, they should be able to fix that. I picked up a nail in some nearly new tires that was just about the same spot, maybe a little further down yet. Got it patched and been fine for better than two years now probably at least 50k miles.
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    High Pb with 5w-40

    I did the main and rod bearings. I used Clevite bearings. I'm going to see if the numbers stabilize a little more with the 15w-40 and if it does I'll probably try and find a 10w-30. Most HD 10w-30s available where I live are semisynthetic so we'll see if those bring up my lead numbers too.