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    Nascar oil

    I would guess 110 octane... the stuff that will melt pistons if we used it 100% our regular cars..
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    Nascar oil

    @High Performance Lubricants ?edit: Thank you so much! Let us note that these engines are not running your normal 16psi (15psi on a Blazer, 20psi on a Cruze) pressure cap, I would imagine this helps cooling... I've heard of 70psi+ boost on a 260MPH Nissan GT-R in Texas but not an 80psi cooling...
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    Actors that you feel "still got it"

    Was waiting for someone else to say it. Thank you! Face/Off (cheesy fun movie,) Con Air, The Rock, Lord Of War. Other than that. He don't got it...
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    Actors that you feel "still got it"

    I can do the Sly Stallone mumble. I wonder...
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    Switching brands almost every oil change

    This is how my oil change habits have been shaking out the last few years. It doesn't much matter, at all really, changing from Oil A to Oil B to Oil C and then mixing Oil D with E.. Supertech, Mobil, Castrol, Valvoline, I've probably had a mostly running combo of these for some time. No oil...
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    Nascar oil

    I'd wonder how much that cold start tears up engine. Is it this one that rebuilds the engine after every race?
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    Nascar oil

    Might be 0W-8. Funny cars use 0W-2... Remember, NASCAR cars (driving ina circle. Ooo-wee..........) run a 36psi pressure cap on the cooling system or something crazy like that. If they use a regular grade oil I would be surprised, because then you could make the argument that they would just...
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    Actors that you feel "still got it"

    Alternate title: Actors you feel no longer "got it," and actors that you feel NEVER "got it" (I'll just go ahead and get Steven Seagal out of the way, I was always bored at his movies even as a kid, even though I liked Fire Down Below, before I realized all his movies are the same.) In honor of...
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    Best action shoot-out film ? honors goes to Heat IMHO..

    that and the end scene are the only two worth watching in that middling at best movie "Heat." IMHO. Unpopular opinion, but, I'm sorry, it's too scripted and dry for me. (Amongst many other things, but, gave it another shot about two months ago.. That's a no for me.) Excellent production...
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    Unusual U.S. Army PSYOP Recruitment Video

    That's just a weird ad, could be an advertisement for another The Purge movie.
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    Wife ran out of gas

    I am thinking that if, the car has a dead battery that won't hold a charge, and is running off just the alternator, and stalls or is turned off for some reason.. I can see it working, yes. Had an oversize load come within half a lane or grazing my car once while I had to wait in a rainstorm...
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    Songs with great saxophone

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    Anyone driving a Mazda Cx-50?

    I know that. I was referencing talk at that plant, of the shared Toyota/Mazda one.