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    2016 ford svt bronco

    Posted in News on April 1, 2014....... -Rouphis
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    alignment after replacing ball joints?

    Well, technically, assuming that the old and new ball joint are manufactured perfectly concentric, you would be good to go. I would change them, and if it doesn't pull to either side on a test drive, call it done. -Rouphis
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    4R70W towing in overdrive

    The manual I posted makes it seem as the brakes are the issue not the trans. -Rouphis
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    4R70W towing in overdrive

    I have a 1996 F150 with a 4R70W, and here is a cut/paste from the owners manual: If your vehicle is equipped with an Electronic 4-Speed Automatic (E4OD or 4R70W) transmission, operate in Overdrive. Refer to the automatic transmission operation earlier in this chapter. When descending a steep...
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    how can I install DOS 3.3 or 4.0 on a newer laptop

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    95 F150 2WD 235/75-15 Recommendation Needed

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    What is the cost of community college near you?

    I'm paying $101 and some change per CR in tampa.
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    Peak Global or Zerex ? Miata

    You will be fine either way. I personally prefer g05 but all three will be equally fine in that application. Also, that is not solely an import motor. Ford used it in the escorts. -Rouphis
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    Kia timing belt- to change or not to change

    In miatas the TB is due at 100k and its a non interference engine. Its rather easy as far as TB's go. I changed my miata's timing belt @ 192k and it was original. Hope this helps. -Rouphis
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    Grounding the throttle body to improve response.

    I don't see how it could have any effect what so ever, good, bad, or otherwise. -Rouphis
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    Girl Drinks Gasoline

    The Darwin, it is strong in that one. -Rouphis
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    Questions About Flushing A Radiator

    Most engines have a drain plug or two on the engine block. -Rouphis
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    r12freon questions

    Craigslist normally has a few. The price has really come down now that most cars on the road take R134a. -Rouphis