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    Looking for an Interventional Radiologist

    I believe it's a neurologist you are looking for. Here's a link to Johns Hopkins explaining procedures they do. <a href=""...
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    New BITOG format issue on iphone6

    I have the iPhone 6 Plus and have the same issue now after the "mobile" version update. Everything's great on my iPad and I would have thought the mobile version would portray correctly on my mobile phone. So much for that thought. If the owner of the site would be able to look into it, it'd...
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    Lexus ES300 P1705 Speed Sensor

    Found this online, hope it helps you. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Cheers
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    2010 Accord New Battery

    Strange, I didn’t think it wasn’t clear whom I was talking to. I took offence at being called an idiot because I and others haven’t done what you have with the larger battery. You like the larger battery and it fits your needs, great. I am quite satisfied with the original sized battery and...
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    2010 Accord New Battery

    “Seriously? Here at the dealer.... Ok, we know you love your Honda. We love ours too. But there's a reason everyone with half a brain put a bigger battery in their's....” So we don’t do what you do and therefore we are idiots? Got it...
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    2010 Accord New Battery

    I looked at possibly doing this for my 07 Accord., went with the stock 51r a few years ago. The cars been to the Sioux, North bay (to name a few) sitting for a few days in extreme cold, -30-40c.. Starting has been slower but the car starts reliably every time. I figure if it can start reliably...
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    Rethinking grades: 5W-20 vs 0W-20

    I usually use a 5w20 QSAD in the summer for my 07 Accord. Tbh, I need to burn some of my QSAD stash. Never had, nor do I expect any issues from the 5w conventional. I just wish that QS hadn’t changed the formulation, but they are the experts.. Use what you want, it’s your car, drive and enjoy.
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    How close to your start time do you arrive at work

    Usually about 30-45mins. Need the time so we can secure the area and setup.
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    What best describes the size of your oil stash?

    A lot! 90% in 0W20, rest 5/20. 30- 5L and 4.4L PUP/PPPP, M1 Xperformance, Castrol Magnatec, Maxlife, QSAD. 24- 1L bottles of TGMO SN. 12- 1L bottles of TGMO SM. 12- 1L bottles of MGMO high moly. 12- 1L bottles of MGMO SN. Probably a few stragglers I’ve forgot... All jugs on sale with the...
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    Fumoto Valve, near disaster

    Good job on catching it. Is it possible to replace the plastic clip with something more robust like wire? It seems that the plastic clip was the problem. I'd keep it on and just twist on some wire, then monitor it accordingly. If the design allows for it.
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    2001 Honda Civic worse car i ever bought!

    Best car I've ever had. See my sig.
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    Thumb safety, best argument yet.

    No amount of safety can fix stupid.
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    2013 Maxima, time for new H11.should I try LED ??

    It's the high beams that are drl in Canada. So it shouldn't be an issue. Cheers
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    2003 accord rear disc caliper replace and bleed??

    I have a 2007 accord and just changed my rear left caliper a week ago. As everyone has already said, bleed the system as normal and make sure you keep the system topped up with fluid for the whole process. Honda bleeding procedure is FL-FR-RL-RR. Can't go wrong if you take your time. I had a...
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    Got my new General RT43

    Glad you are happy with them, tire shopping is hit and miss these days. I looked at them a few weeks ago when I was replacing my summer tires. Went with the Toyos in my sig instead.