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    Certified brand Lawn mower from Canadian Tire, what brand engine?

    Thanks for the offer, i wont likely be in the GTA area anytime soon, but im sure those families appreciate what you do!!
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    Certified brand Lawn mower from Canadian Tire, what brand engine?

    It seems to match up to the RATO chinese engine. Ironically, I have a RATO engine in my 2010 Poulan mower, and its run great since then, problem is it didnt come with a bag and where the wheels are attached, its rusted off... one of those situations where the engine outlasted the body... I am...
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    Certified brand Lawn mower from Canadian Tire, what brand engine?

    Found this RATO engine that is the closest ive been able to find to the look of the certified unit.. RATO 150.
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    Certified brand Lawn mower from Canadian Tire, what brand engine?

    So I been looking at the "certified" brand mowers as well as Toro, and Troy Bilt. The certified mowers at Canadian Tire come with a 150cc engine, though they wont say who provides the engine.. thats what im trying to find out.. I know they also have a 174cc unit on another certified model.. im...
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    Synthetic oil ok too use w/bar leaks oil leak stop?

    Just run an HM. No point bothering with syn. I just dont see the point.
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    New dishwasher on order...

    I hear Bosch makes good dishwashers. I just replaced my 12 yr old kitchenaid...ended up buying a cheap whirlpool wdfpadm540 unit (cheap and rated well by consumer reports) plastic interior, stainless exterior. Besides being a bit louder (53db) than my kitchenaid , it cleans great, we only use...
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    Insulating underlayment on concrete floor

    If its a rental why bother? Only thing I know is dri core subfloor panels or something like dmx one step or delta fl. Dont think its meant to be topped with linoleum tho
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    Crude Pricing Dynamics

    Got gas at .80 a liter here...last time i saw that price was ughhh...2003?
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    Chicken Burritos tonight

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    Was I charged a fair price for welding exhaust?

    I think its plenty fair. Unless u can do it urself..and well, is it even worth the money to do urself.
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    Cabin Filter Change Interval

    Depends on alot of factors. I like changing mine once or twice a year.
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    Regular gas in the Mazda 3

    No point using 91 unless it says to in manual. The price difference in Canada is crazy... the other day it was 20 cents a liter...most cars use 87...if it caused any rust to the internals we'd of known by now.
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    Repair Rusted Rocker Panels Without Welding

    Spray foam, followed by sanding and Bondo andspray paint. I did that on my 07 Corolla.
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    Toyota NA vs Toyota Global...

    Who cares what Toyota Japan or Toyota Australia recommends? Unless u live there. Id bet you could run anything without issue, but id use 0w16 or 0w20 for warranty purposes. What negative is there running 0w16 or 0w20? I cant think of any.
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    Home Improvement Stuff.

    Looks good! Its always hard to tell how a type/style of flooring will redoing my basement right many products to choose from as well. Where'd you buy the flooring from? Im leaning towards flooring they sell at Costco up here, seems good...but 2$/sq ft