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    Fake Filter Damage?

    and this
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    Fake Filter Damage?

    I knew people that got counterfeit NGK spark plugs and they bought them online.. But watch this video
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    Miscrimped Wix 57712

    Up until a couple of years ago I never heard of a problem with a Wix filter. Now recently I have heard quite a few especially in the last few months. Mann and Hummel apparently has done them any justice since taking them over.
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    Cummins 5.9 oil filters - Wix vs Baldwin - cut open

    I have always like Baldwin/Hastings filters. We used them for years in the trucking fleet with out issue....I think although Wix is also OK that Baldwin/Hastings always had a overall feeling of being more heavy duty
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    Odd filter issue

    When I worked for a NAPA store 1984-85 we had a couple of customers blow and suck on the oil filters they were buying. I had someone once ask for a another one, as the one I originally got for them failed their test. The owner said just put that other filter back in stock. No I didn't wipe it...
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    Exact filter I have in my 2018 Toyota Yaris IA (Mazda 2 Clone) a very well built filter...
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    Old wix 51516

    Back in the mid 80's I worked for NAPA a Big A was 1/2 mile down the road and both had the old Wix high quality oil filters... Back when EVERYTHING was made better. This particular Oil filter fit my Ford Escort I was driving then.
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    Any filter brands still made in the USA?

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    What’s your filter for beater car/ seldom driven vehicle?

    Wix, NAPA Gold, Hastings or Baldwin..With the cost of replacing an old rat so high (much less everything else) stick with quality . "Betsy" will need to be nursed through a couple more years. Engine is strong but those pot holes are killing ball joints and tie rod ends...
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    Wix 57002 or OEM Made in Thailand?

    I have been using the Wix 57002 and it is just fine...I had a scare when it looked like the louvers were closed so I cut it open and it was just fine.... Unlike most of the aftermarket filters for this application Wix (like OEM) doesn't have an anti-drain back valve.. So I guess if it were me...
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    [Cut Open] MicroGard SELECT MSL51356 (Virgin)

    Just like almost everything else...But, a nice looking filter
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    WIX 51372 CUT OPEN

    Looks like the Good Ole Time Wix