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    Loving Low Carb

    proud of you...keep it up
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    Loving Low Carb

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    looking to buy 2012 highlander

    My neighbor 4 houses down is selling a 2012 highlander limited...74k very nicely maintained Any opinions on these trucks...Almost bought 15 explorer until i found out about the highlander I need it to last another 5-6 years until my student loan debt is about 14k a yr
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    Brother renovated my bathroom

    He's a dam* maniac lol Both those towels were on the floor from him...Pretty soon the towel bar will be ripped off the wall.
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    Brother renovated my bathroom

    Update Vanity installed
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    coworker 2014 Acura TL

    No joke, what are the chances My coworker has a 2014 Acura TL 3.5 with 122k Last month my 1st time in the car while going to lunch i brought up have you done the timing belt on this thing..He goes timing What??? I explained everything about honda/acura and how timing belts need to be changed...
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    Post your latest parts purchase

    OEM sway bar links for 14 Pilot...$60 for the set
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    Post your latest oil change

    2014 Honda Pilot EX 76,443 miles Out: Super tech 0w20, Fram Ultra 7317 In: Super tech 0w20, Fram Ultra 7317
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    Brother renovated my bathroom

    Thanks for the ideas..I ended up asking his wife is there anything he wanted, she said he's been looking at dewalt tool i ended up ordering dewalt XR kit and a toughsystem 2.0...should be here saturday
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    Brother renovated my bathroom

    My brother renovated my bathroom..New tile, shower pan, glass doors, electricial and plumbing..Only thing left is vanity but that doesn't come in until aug 21..Yesterday i sent him some money through zelle, when i woke up this morning he sent it back..So basically he will not accept money from...
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    Ridgid tools

    Thanks for the replies...going for the 6pc ryobi kit $200 and buying milwaukee shockwave bit set...i know it's all brushed tools but it's ok...Home diy only, should last a life time.
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    Ridgid tools

    also how is ryobi for Home DIY?
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    Ridgid tools

    When in the hell did they become so expensive, Like milwaukee and dewalt prices..I remember them being more budget friendly or am i wrong? I was looking for a new drill/impact combo kit, going to pass...on to ryobi
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    Makita impact wrenches and other tools

    For home diy suspension and brakes...I'd go with mid-torque XTW17z, has way more than enough power also more usable with size
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    NankangSP-9 Cross Sport

    Just an update...she ended up buying Yokohama Geolandar G055