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    Lump or Briquets

    Propane and propane accessories. You'll taste the meat, not the heat, I tell ya' what.
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    First Experience with Foam Cannon

    Foam cannon are great, but as you said, should be reserved for cars that are less than perfect. Too much hassle for a simple maintenance wash.
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    Big Iguanas roaming around here in Florida

    I've been in FL for 7 years now and have never seen one yet. That, and an alligator in a pool would be awesome.
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    It's magnetic.

    It's people like you who will survive the apocalypse. 😅
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    Hyundai Motor shares dive after engine woes prompt third-quarter profit warning

    As a 2019 Sorento owner, I wonder if this is on top of, or includes, the $768 million settlement?
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    2020 Civic Cvt Transmission Maintenance

    I don't think there's a huge difference in 5k miles.
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    Havoline's Synthetic Technology. How it differs from Synthetic Blend? (chat tech line)

    Synthetic Technology = marketing lingo blah blah blah. Havoline FS is as good as anything else and I wouldn't hesitate using it. Best oil is clean full synth oil with a good filter.
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    Amsoil jumping into the VW 0w20 508 game

    I'll give Kia and Hyundai owners about 750 million reasons why they should be super-duper warranty concerned.
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    Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W-30 - No Dexos license

    PP is good. According to Blackstone labs, PUP does have "more" stuff but not so much that it would make a huge difference over 100,000 miles if a good OCI is done. Just use PP.
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    Castrol EDGE does it all...

    "Finest" definition is different from one owner to the other. Does 1 ppm more phosphorus make a difference. Or maybe 2 ppm more calcium over 150,000 miles? Or 3 ppm Moly. Thousands of Blackstone lab reports have determined that using an API certified full synthetic right off Wally's shelf...
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    Ever bought a car sight unseen?

    Nope, and probably never will. We keep our cars too long to try that.
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    Oil change disaster

    Wrong. I'm out of kitty litter and I can't find any. Thanks a lot 4260