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    2020 Member Oil Change Results (updated)

    A lot of work that's appreciated.
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    Oil change interval

    Just a guess, but you might be wasting your money. Wix OA or Blackstone to see what's going on as Reddy said.
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    Fram Ultra or Hyundai OEM for 5K mile OCI ?

    Absolutely go OEM. They're good filters, and with Hyundai and Kia's issues (another 467,000 vehicles recalled), don't give them any ammunition against you. I have a 19' Sorento and use OEM filters. When this recall and engine fire thing first broke, they blamed the owner's for not using the...
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    Hyundai added 470,000 Tucson SUV's to electrical recall 2016-2018 and some 2020 & 2021

    I've read that. I have a 2.4 19' Sorento. They really need to get their :poop: together.
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    FRAM or not?

    So I've read many posts about how people use FRAM oil filters and they're fine with. Then I watch videos where FRAM is cut open and it's called the Orange Can of Death. What's the deal with it and why do they get such a bad wrap?
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    How often do you flush your coolant (if you flush it)?

    Don't know your definition of flush, but I do several drain and refills with distilled water, and change the thermostat every 50 - 60k miles. If you plan on keeping the vehicle or if it's used, do it.
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    Suggestions for Oil Filters

    Best is subjective. Use OEM or Wix. Can't go wrong with either. Maintenance is far more important than the type of oil filter.
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    Moly vs non-Moly oils

    "Better" is always subjective. I have seen no data that suggests an API full synthetic right off Walmart's shelf with a good filter and OCI will do any "better" than a comparable "X" full synth within the same parameters. Maybe it's fun to talk about and research, but at the end of the day...
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    Super tech oil choice

    kevvperro said it best. You're talking a couple of bucks. Go synthetic and don't look back.
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    Amsoil CVT, 6.9k mi OCI, 72.7k mi, Honda HR-V

    Unless you're putting on tons of miles, every 6 months seems excessive. But at least you're doing it which is better than 99% of vehicle owners.
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    Chevy Volt or ??

    If you're going hybrid, look at a Prius. They've pretty much set the standard. For a hatchback, and I really like most of those, Honda Fit and gently used Kia Rio or Forte 5. You could get them with under 15k miles for around $15k. Hyundai Elantra hatchback and Toyota Corolla hatchback...
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    2019 KIA Soul Plus Edition

    We had an older model a 2012. The fuel rail went out at 59,000 miles. Warranty covered it and got rid of it at around 85k miles. No issues other than that. Drove from OR to FL. No problems going 90 mph through TX.
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    Liqui-Moly Engine Flush

    And, um, if a used car needs a flush, it's not worth buying. If you, um, want to buy a used car that needs a flush, go right, um, ahead.
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    Different Recommendations for Oil Filter?

    You've been lurking so you'll know you'll encounter multiple opinions. M1 has burned in my 19' Sorento, so I stopped using it and now use Pen Plat or Castrol, all full synth and OEM filter. I don't want to give Kia any more warranty ammunition. As for your oil and filter, any API certified...