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    Firestone Store Visit

    Reminds me of standing in front of the service writer many years ago. He would loudly answer the phone. "What is wrong with your car?Where did you buy it?"
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    Fumoto Drain Valve

    If there is no clearance issues I would rather use a Fumoto so not to have needed parts to drain oil go missing.
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    Please school me on 1st gen tundra

    I had an '02 .Great truck. Seats were the only thing I didnt like. Never see them around. I went to California three years ago I saw them everywhere. Might be better to shop out west if possible.
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    Fumoto Drain Valve

    I have had one valve on two Honda Ridgelines for ten years. Took it off the first one when selling it. A couple of spoonfuls of oil came out after it was removed. That depends on oil pans drain hole orientation. On that engine its parallel to the bottom of the pan. I have one on a Subaru that...
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    Toyota plastic oil filter housing

    I have had bad experiences with these Toyota canister filters. Both times at the hands of Toyota dealers. Had the broken ears on a Corolla after the daughter moved and had dealer oil changes for three years. No problems before. Only 25k of free oil changes on the sons RAV4 and I couldn't...
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    Retirement location suggestions

    GON, LOVE your avatar!
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    I did not win

    I play the smaller state lotteries consistently. I figure don't drink or smoke got blow some cash on that. I just would want enough to not worry about if I can stay employed until retirement . And buy a nice old MOPAR. Like the one Beercan posted.
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    What’s your favorite work boot?

    Keen also has work boots . Have Keens for work and home.
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    Post a favorite animal

    Grace and Roscoe.
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    What’s your favorite work boot?

    I've had many years of Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis issues. I've had fourteen different brands trying different styles. Some lasting a month some a little longer. I have had comfort at work and home with KEEN brand. The Coburg at work.Have set a record with over a year so far. The...
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    Who lives in Tennessee? I'm moving

    Whats wrong with Florida? I thought Florida was great for retirement. Fattylocks must be in Shicago.
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    Lexus Toyota "Lifetime ATF" - baloney

    To the OP. Which Idmetisu did you use? It seems its a better quality the the Toyota WS.
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    Rebuild complete, off the stand and on the hook.

    Thank you for sharing!
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    Rebuild complete, off the stand and on the hook.

    Schweeet! Two four barrels side by side. Make it look like a Max. Old man I met at a gas station had this since new he was 71. But the spark plugs were in the valve covers:p