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    Sailor joke

    The captain of a famous English warship was patrolling off the Spanish main. Suddenly the first mate burst into the captain's quarters and relays that the man on watch reports one enemy ship has been sighted directly in the course of the ship. The captain replies, "get my red shirt ready"...
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    TropArtic 5W-30 on 2002 Nissan Frontier 5300 oci

    Agreed, I would suspect A/F leak. But what oil was in it before, say a certain Mobil oil?
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    December 16, 2005 - Peak Oil Day on earth

    Add "conspiracy theory" to Peak Oil issues. What if the oil companies make even more money as they pump less oil (inelastic demand in Econmic terms). They can blame nature, war, or finally peak oil: <a href="" target="_blank">Bakersfield...
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    December 16, 2005 - Peak Oil Day on earth

    At least the world news makes sense when you read it. <a href="" target="_blank">ChevronTexaco Warns of Global Bidding War</a> Cuba's experience with oil withdrawl may be what is experienced here...
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    December 16, 2005 - Peak Oil Day on earth

    (Peak Oil was discussed <a href=";f=4;t=000534" target="_blank">here</a>.) But if this is true, it will be a day mankind will share. Using Hubbert's methodology (who calculated accurately when production in the U.S. would peak in...
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    Resetting the computer: Myth or reality?

    Quote: On most vehicles disconnecting the battery can erase trouble codes and the learned fueling trims. There are safeguards in place though so the OBD2 scan only emmisions tested vehicles can not pass like this because after a clearing like that the computer has to perform a series of checks...
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    Care for New Leather

    How often are conditioners applied? I've seen recommendations of monthly in summer months.
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    Quit smoking .....

    You can do it. First 10 days are hard. But for a year, based on personal experience, you will think "hey I'm not smoking today". It's worth it though! Glad I got my sister to quit - she never stops thanking me.
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    GC- Cold Temp. Viscosity

    Those are great questions which probably can't be answered by the rank and file amateurs here. I saw 427Z06 post (calculator based chart) but mistook it for actual oil specification. Does anyone know if it matches how oils perform at those temps? A simple answer to your question is (which is...
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    Separated At Birth

    <img src="" alt=" - " /> <img src="" alt=" - " />
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    what oil pressure is too high at cold start?

    If GC cold temp pumpability is greater, more GPM, higher oil pressure? It *has* been cold here the last week - down in the single digits (F).
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    5-30 Dino Oils

    He was probably reading it off the Motorcraft bottle of oil. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="images/icons/wink.gif" /> Seriously, I'm just curious how he knows unless he visits this site - is he getting it from a magazine, the bulk oil delivery guy ... <small>[ December 17...
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    Lubro-Moly VollSynthese 5w40 - VW R32, Used: 10,000 miles

    Or Lubro-noMoly as the joke is around here. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="images/icons/smile.gif" /> Must be residual moly from assembly lube.
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    I'm sticking with craig's list for local crap

    ebay wants to know about those: Report Suspicious Email to eBay If you have received an email requesting your account information and you suspect it was not sent by eBay, forward the entire message to [email protected]
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    My Neighbors Have Me Hating Dogs

    Dogs, trees, fences, nuissance laws, etc, check out the book <a href="" target="_blank">Neighbor Law</a> first.