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    I'm thinking of buying a used Honda Civic

    This belongs in the General Section.
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    Service Station Nozzles

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by TallPaul: <strong> I have noticed a sign on some pumps about an emergency shut off, but can't find it. In the old days there was a lever and some self serve pumps have a lever on the front, but some have no lever and I don't know how you would...
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    Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel

    Why would 2 stroke oil be a waste of time? It is oil, so presumablby has all of the lubricity enhancers intact, and it is made to burn. Using it may be more expensive than other additives, but can't see why it wouldnt be good for the pump, valves, etc.
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    you won't believe what synergyn said!!!!!

    I just said that is what it is labled, it has many beneficial properties aside from the octane boost. It is not just your normal alcohol based product. Coming from synergyn I trust it to have higher quality ingrediants than a botlle of Berrryman's or even Techron. It is seems to act more like...
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    you won't believe what synergyn said!!!!!

    i picked up a bunch of their stuff on clearance, so far the 120 octane boost labeled/UCL my car really seems to like.
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    Pennzoil Platinum 10w-30: bad mileage

    Change in gasoline formulation? New levels of ethanol mandated in pump gas replacing MTBE? Seems a large number of people across the board are reporting decreased gas mileage right now with heat waves going on and AC's on 100% of the time. Summer gas this year is not like summer gas of...
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    I am confused about out analysis, Blackstone Lab not correcting?

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by LS1-CAMARO: <strong> <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by Bio-T: <strong> LS-1, As stated above, you have been a member since 2002. You know full well what is contained in a UOA no matter what company does it. I hate a person with your...
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    Self Blend Synthetic

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by 007nomad: <strong> Is there any reason I shouldn't do a do it yourself blend synthetic/dino crankcase oil? Though there are commercail syn blend CI rated products, they aren't readily available on the shelf. I also have read that (in the gas versions)...
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    Synthetic Comparisons

    Adding LS additive when it is not needed can result in an ineffectual LS rear end, worst case it would be not LS at all and be full slip , just like an open diff. Then when you need it, you won't have it, and end up stuck.
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    Why one brand?

    As has been stated time and again on this board, brand conciosness was more applicable when oil was refined from specific wells of crude. Now brand conciosness is more about what the physical properties are and trying to fine tune the oil choice to match the needs of the engine and operating...
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    Oil Question?

    If the oil is just sitting in an engine not used it oxidizes at a much slower rate than when in use. It will be fine after 3 months, 6 months, ... somewhere on this board is a UOA of oil that had been sitting in a crankcase for x number of years, x>2, and then run and it was perfectly fine. An...
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    Older performance Cars and Diesel Oil

    Yes, these are often considered fleet oils.
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    Older performance Cars and Diesel Oil

    HDMO, HDEO = Heavy Duty Motor Oil, Heavy Duty Engine Oil. Thes oils typically have either 'C' ratings for diesel engines, or like the straight 30 weight varieties say Heavy Duty or HD on the label. Do not use one unless it also has a corresponding 'S' rating (SG, SH,SJ...) rating on the label...
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    Okay to mix conventional and synthetic transmission oil?

    Mercon V is a spec, it says nothing whatsoever about the basestocks used. There are dino Mercon V, blends, and full synthetics that are rated Mercon V.
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    nonhonda ATF in a Z1 auto

    LT4 , Please post the link! If it is Manchester Honda, I have that one already.