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    Interesting read in Nissan GTR 2015 manual

    Interestingly - the Corvette C6 (non-dry sump) requires that you overfill the sump by 1qt for performance driving!
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    06' V6 Accord 12,462 miles Penzoil Platinum 0W20

    Typical amazing report for a J series without cylinder deactivation!
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    S2000 First UOA, 1000 Miles, Penrite Racing 10w40

    Good reports all around, even with the mild tin elevation. Looks like around that 11.0cSt at 100C is ideal. I did a lot of experimenting on oil in my AP1, but it was more with oil pressure and temperature on track. I found the stock S2000 oil filter or a K&N gave me a few more PSI oil pressure...
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    Oil Reccomendation for 2018 Audi S5

    I’d run this. German oil, licensed and approved for 508. On a newer car I wouldn’t worry too much about increasing viscosity for performance driving unless you have a valid reason such as hot oil pressure or OE...
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    2017 Corvette / Motul 300V 0w40 / 6.8k miles

    I think that’s a good idea!
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    UOA Corvette LS7 Redline 5w-30 Track Usage

    Glad K&N filter isn’t letting too much dirt past!
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    2017 Corvette / Motul 300V 0w40 / 6.8k miles

    Nice analysis’ for the driving style. Wish my LS7 looked this good after track time!
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    UOA Corvette LS7 Redline 5w-30 Track Usage

    Hi BITOG members in for my annual UOA. Car is a 2008 Corvette Z06. Saw street miles and 6 track days and 5 autocross events. OLM read 42%. Oil was in the 250s for most of the events, but 2 of the days it got around 265F. I checked the oil pressures at 265F and they were right at the low limit...
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    Oil Recommendation for LS7 Z06 Street & Track Usage

    Coming in for my annual oil change. Saw some borderline out of spec oil pressures at 265F using Redline 5w-30 and OEM oil filter on a track weekend. l Gonna step it up to Redline 5w-40 and K&N filter for this next oil change. Hoping to give a little more margin as I am able to drive the car...
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    Do I need a high milage oil?

    Your sacrificing engine efficiency benefits for extra wear protection and seal swelling you don’t actually need. It’s like adding a layer of carnauba wax on top of a ceramic coating. You feel good about it because you did something different and added more to your already exceptional layer of...
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    Just saw an Amazon delivery truck.... the same type UPS uses

    Straight frame chassis with a Morgan Olsen body. Look up Ford F59P for the straight frame chassis as an example.
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    LL-01 0w-30 recommendation

    Ended up buying the LL-01FE Liqui Moly from FCP Euro. $62 for 10L and free shipping with the warranty policy. I’ll take it!
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    LL-01 0w-30 recommendation

    Looks like some Liqui Moly Special Tec B FE SAE 5W-30 is LL-01FE rate and would probably be a good pick. Could use FCP Euro's return policy to get some free oil changes...
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    LL-01 0w-30 recommendation

    Hi All, Coming up on an oil change in my BMW 335i F30. Currently running Castrol 5w-40 A3/B4 and would like something thinner for winter cold starts and improving engine efficiency. It looks like this engine (N55) can use BMW's LL-01FE spec oils which is a 0w-30. What other oils are available...
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    Recommendation for tuned BMW N55?

    If your tracking it I would use Redline 5w-40. Thinking your significantly above stock torque levels, the oil is getting really hot due to track driving. Personally I like to use Redline for cars that I track. Used to have a FBO tracked E90 N54 and more recently a daily driver E92 N54. If your...