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    Use of 5W-40 in a gas direct injection car prone to intake valve deposit

    Would use of 5W-40 oil be a problem for cars with GDIT prone to intake valve deposits (IVD). No concern about warranty. Why could or couldn't 5W-40 be used in such applications? Would it really be better to use Dexos 1 Gen. 2.?
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    Changing Oil Manufacturers Regularly Cause Harm?

    I see that many on here select the cheapest oil that meets specification. I'm not criticizing that because it seems to work perfectly for them. I don't shop by price on this. My engines cost me a good bit of money and most any oil is cheap in comparison.
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    PP or Magnatec

    Me ? I'd use the Magnatec only because it's 5W-30. Yes, I know. I read all the posts on this forum. It's my preference and I sleep better at night and don't have bad dreams.
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    Best To Run The Same Oil All The Time?

    I'm in my 80s and still do my oil/filter changes. So, I've been around long enough to have purchased a good number of new cars. I am well aware that many, if not most, people use a different brand on each change. I had one new VW Beetle for which the manual instructed the owner to "Select...
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    Mustang 5.0 went 50,000+ miles with no oil change, still runs

    I don't think I could live with myself if I missed one oil and filter change. My wife's car is now due a one years change and she is questioning me about doing it. Advantage of an OLM.
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    Castrol Magnatec initial impressions.

    After reading all these posts I think maybe I should use the Magnatec and see if my car likes it. Good comments.
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    Does 5W-30 REALLY protect better than 5W-20?

    I'm not comfortable with a 0/5W-20 in my cars. I'm old school and I'm using 5W-30 because it provides at least a little more wear protection and I sleep better for it.
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    Would you use 0W30 instead of 0W20?

    I had a 2017 Equinox with the 2.4L engine that call for 5W-30. I now have a 2020 Equinox with the 1.5L Turbo that calls for 0W-20. I'm using 5W-30 because I'm a bit old school and I feel better with it.
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    New Valvoline Extended Protection

    I might run some of this in the 5W-30. Looks good.
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    0W20 Oil Choice Considerations ?

    My car manual calls for a 0W-20 oil but I'm using 5W-30 because I feel better about it. I'm not sure what's best for the Corolla.
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    What Year Did you Start Using Synthetic Motor Oil?

    I started using synthetics in the mid '70s when a lot of attention started being written about them. I think I might have started out with Mobil One. More recently I have used Pennzoil. Right now I have Valvoline Advanced 5W-30 in one of my cars.
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    Euro Motor Oil for GM 1.5T DI

    What will OP give up by using an oil of choice that isn't Dexos. What would a Dexos do for him that a Euro won't do? For some reason I understood his engine to be a GM but looking back at his post he doesn't say it is.
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    Am I wasting money with Amsoil/Schaeffers?

    I agree with ZZman. If it makes you feel better use it. I have no doubt that these pricey oils will perform excellently in your vehicles while off the shelf products might also do quite well. When it comes to sleeping well...........
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    Introducing Personalized Avatars - POLICY on creation and use

    That's a beautiful photo of a carrier. Love it.
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    Introducing Personalized Avatars - POLICY on creation and use

    I was a member of the 48th Armored Division (National Guard) a long time ago. If this meets your approval I'd like to use it as an avatar. I joined BITOG when Bob Winters started it in 2002. My screen name was krholm. When this new format was installed I was unable to access the site and...