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    Post Your Latest (Motorcycle) Oil Change!

    2007 Harley Road King 103ci (Fresh rebuild) Rotella T 15w40 and Fram filter. (Engine) Rotella T6 5w40 (Primary)
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    A case for replacement of O2 sensor as prev. maint

    Depending on the sophistication of the cars OBD II system the O2 sensor can be extremely faulty and not trigger a code. Codes are triggered when the sensor performs outside normal parameters. As long as the sensor is reporting back a possible normal reading (which could be complete wrong based...
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    Fuel Tank Air Filter?

    It's likely just a simple foam filter. It's there to prevent dirty air from entering the system during normal tank pressure equalization and canister purging. I've never changed one ever! For years these canister vents didn't even have any type of filter, only since they started hiding them...
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    Hybrid cars and Starters

    Most hybrids don't have a conventional starter or charging system. It's accomplished with the motor/generators in the transaxle assy. The electric motors can also act as generators (hence the name MG1 and MG2)so the same generator that recharges the batteries can start the engine. The...
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    Throttle body-Very dirty

    I alway use combustion chamber cleaner and a tooth brush for scrubbing throttle bodies.
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    Post brake job knuckle groove

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Chris142</div><div class="ubbcode-body">My 02 has the same groove. It's from the pads moving around on the knuckle and was there when you did your work. Don't happen overnight.</div></div> Very common.You probably...
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    Parasitic draw test

    It shouldn't matter but I always do it on the Negative. Draw should be less than 90 ma once all the controllers have timed out. Make sure you disable under hood light if equipped.
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    Free belt wear gauge Gates

    Your local Napa store will probably give you a free one too. With Napa stamped on it...
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    Bad fan clutch?

    The pulley is one piece with the water pump on these so they saved 4 bolts and combined 2 parts into 1. That's significant $ saving but it can be a PITA when servicing. I've bent/broken several of the holding tools trying to remove. I always add a little anti-seize to the threads when...
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    When to change water pump and serpentine belt

    Many newer serp belt are made of rubber compounds the don't necessarily crack (EPDM rubber)but still physically wear out. Gates has a toothpick type gauge that you place in the ribs to determine wear. <a href=""...
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    "If you don't use a Mazda filter, no engine repair

    Before you burn the parts guy at the stake he may just be reporting on what has happened in the past. Its very common these days for the Mfg area rep to get involved in high dollar warranty claims. Some of these guys (Mfg reps) have zero automotive mechanical knowledge and if he's new to the job...
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    How important is pulley diameter?

    Radius difference is only 3mm. You'll have slightly more tension than you had before but I doubt it will cause any problems. As mentioned above your tensioner spring has likely fatigued a bit over the years this probably helps make up the difference.
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    Oil weight question for 2009 Challenger

    I doubt you'll have any mechanical failures with a heavier oil but the possibility of a MIL light or driveability issue increases. The system is calibrated around the flow characteristics a 20wt oil and a too heavy oil might not allow the lifters to collapse and repressurise on time. The only...
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    General Altimax Arctic

    I've got them on my Caravan and my wife's Alero. I'm very happy with them. Tread wear looks very good on the Caravan and it does a lot of highway miles. Bought both sets from Tire Rack.
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    Hybrid Battery Cost-- No Reason to Fear

    The one in the Prius is like that too. 125A if I recall correctly.