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    CARBUZZ: Toyota's Hitchless Towing Technology Turns Science Fiction Into Reality

    I can t imagine it working in congested areas. In NYS there is more than enough room for another car to squeeze in between the 2 vehicles. Heck I live in the suburbs and think it would be a problem on a few roads I travel daily.
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    Rental Car Review 2022 Audi A4 Quattro

    I had a 2018 A4 premium plus which is basically the same car. It was a fantastic daily driver great gas mileage, it handled well yet the ride wasnt overly firm. It can use regular( manual says it can run on regular with some power loss which I never noticed). I traded it to make room for my...
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    Fuel Pump Failure Mode

    Back in the day when I would take my cars past 200k miles I would change fuel pump and alternator at around 150k. Parts were cheap back then on newer cars some of these parts are insane. On a 16 year pickup I cant imagine the part being that expensive. 147k at those speeds is alot of wear and...
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    2018 Audi Q7

    I had electronic dipsticks in a 2018 Q5, 2019 Q5, 2018 A4, 2014 911 and 2021 Cayman S. All have been accurate I have driven about 100k miles in these cars and check the oil regularly. When I drain the oil it pretty much equals what the digital guage reads
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    If Im doing 5k OCI, is there an issue running an API 5w30 Syn in my 2010 VWJetta 2 5?

    I do 10k oil changes on my daughters 2008 Jetta 2.5. We bought it with 15k miles, it currently has 180k miles. The 10k oil changes caused no real issues.It has been remarkedly trouble free while not quite Toyota reliable but not terrible at all.
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    beach tent/shelter

    We are renting a house so unfortunately that isn’t an option
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    beach tent/shelter

    Going to North Topsail and would like to purchase some shelter from the sun. Needs to be wind resistant. Would like some recomendations based on actual experience. Thanks in advance
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    Stanford Professor warns massive UFO disclosure is around the corner.

    I dont know if I would classify The History Channel as accurrate journalism
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    Longer trip in a brand new car

    I wouldnt worry if it was mix roads highways/secondary roads, but you could use one or two gears lower is it is a straight highway run for some of the time if you are really concerned
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    Turbocharged vehicles and start/stop systems.

    I hear the what I believe is the waterpump running for a few minutes after I shut my Cayman off .
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    noise reduction

    Thanks for the tip but I pulled the fuse the first day I got home. It made it a little better. It really isnt bad unless I take long trips with it
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    Did you help your adult children buy their first house ?

    We have 2 adult children one is a nurse(28 years) and the other is a speech pathologist(27 years). Neither have student loans but will need assistance to purchase a house near us which we will provide in the very near future as both are starting the process of trying to find something in this...
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    Premium Gasoline

    We have a 2019 Q5 2.0t which can run on 87 octane. I believe manual says recomend premium but will run on 87. I have used 87 for over 25 k miles. We use this for roadtrips mostly and get about 32mpg with either grade of fuel. It is rated 22 city/27 highway It really doesnt improve with 93...
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    Keep your head on a swivel, close call in the Corvette today!

    Samr thing happened to me the other day. Distracted driving I guess.
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    When to change mower oil

    I have a ride on mower and change it before I put it away for winter. I have had it about 14 years so it seems to be working. I do think I also forgot to do it once or twice in the past.