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    UNREASONABLE: I fear getting under a car on a lift, or even on jack stands.

    Whatever you do don’t get on you tube and search vehicle lift failures. I’m sure this won’t help your fears.
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    Cool Off Period After Driving

    I commented quiet a bit in this thread because heat is one thing that I always obsess over. My 2002 Yamaha R1 always ran 162/175 no matter how hard you beat the bike. Now at a stop light they climb fast and the fans kick on at 220 bringing them to 210 and kick off. We have tuners get in our ecu...
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    Cool Off Period After Driving

    Obviously you meant 220 and yes this is about as high as they like them to get. Corvettes will go beyond this on occasion.
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    Cool Off Period After Driving

    Wow awesome, I’ve not heard of this. But I do know this is done with some cooling systems. My 00 Vw GTI had a secondary electric water pump that continued to go after the VR6 engine was shut down. I’d say doing both oil and coolant to eliminate hot spots would be best.
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    Cool Off Period After Driving

    I’m just going by maximum power efficiency. Anything over 185 is costing maximum power from my research. This research being in superbike racing. So I assume a vehicle maximum efficiency couldn’t be much higher if any.and he is way over that.
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    Cool Off Period After Driving

    I always leave my vehicles to cool outside then bring them in.
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    Cool Off Period After Driving

    He is well above that temperature.
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    Has the Makita brushless cogging/quality issues been fixed yet

    I exclusively use brushless makita and have never had a single issue with any of them.
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    More 5w40 Euro oils showing up at Walmart

    Wait what?? Is the 0w 40 going away?? If so I’ll have to stock up.
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    More 5w40 Euro oils showing up at Walmart

    I hope this doesn’t happen at my Walmart I use the 0w40 in everything.
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    Overtightened oil drain plug

    If it’s that tight or stripped I’d definitely try a 6 point socket to not farther strip the drain plug
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    LS2 2005 Corvette MityVac 7201 won't work

    I am getting ready to buy a new 7201, definitely great for other things like changing power steering fluid and stuff.
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    Why are horse trailers typically 24" less wide than most enclosed trailers?

    My guess would be to help stable the horse on the road. 8’ is not enough for 3 wide but with 6’ is perfect for 2 stalls width wise. This is just a guess. I’m no horse guy. I do love horses though.