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    2008 CR-V occasional no start

    starter commutator may have a flat spot, or you have an key ignition switch contact problem. Q.
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    Tools that that you thought were stupid to buy when you bought them and now can’t live without.

    adjustable spanners, never leave home without one (I have more than one, of various different lengths and sizes)
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    Battery keeps getting corrosion on it!

    top post Lead acid batteries mostly suffering from gas sealing issues on the post-to-casing part. Because of that, corrosive gases seep past that gap which lead to corrosion of battery connecting posts. to overcome that is to go seek out some chemically soaked felt rings. Noco sells them ( I...
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    Question on if I should add water-pump lubricant to 2016 Honda CR-V?

    water pump lubricant?! cars made since the 70s onwards are all sealed units and never heard of any benefits nor needs of adding water pump lubricant into coolant to lubricate water pump bearings....... Q.
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    Ordering a Milwaukee M12 impact, 1/2 or 3/8?

    which one (1/2 or 3/8) do you frequently use/reqire? I made up my mind RE: getting M12 3/8" when I bought one earlier this year, and no regrets since (helped me finished a few repairs and saved my wrist. Q.
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    Briggs and Stratton Auto Choke on Toro Problem

    I own a couple of auto-choked B&S mowers, and none of them levers should be flapping/vibrating back and forth when cold (shortly after cold starts). If you experience that and granted that the carb is not an issue, then you may have to consider replacing the choke mechanism. Q-TD
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    Under Hood Inspection - Throttle Cable

    Response: (a ) frayed wire, no good. (b )slack? that's normal (Allow thermal expansion, etc.) Replace the throttle cable ASAP before it snaps on you causing extreme dangerous situ (i.e. going down the highway). Q.
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    Confused on mower spark plug type

    on older B&S flatheads: I've been using Champion EZ start for years. Never missed a beat with that one (and I seldom changes the plug, good for at least 3+ years of infrequent sparking). Q.
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    2001 Honda CRV - p0335 and other codes ?

    P0335 is crank position sensor. Replace it w/o hesitation before you proceed with the rest of the diagnosis. Q.
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    Denso Ignition Coils

    beware of fake Densos from Amazon marketplace resellers , for some of them maybe counterfeit china fakes. Q.
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    Generator - Gas or Not

    I own Honda portable gennies and I'd drain the carb bowl at the end of the event (before storage).
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    China's bid to challenge Boeing and Airbus falters

    another stolen engineering/technologies from the west. Fact is, it has become habituating that they will not stop (from stealing) even if they agreed to sign the phase 1 of China business deal (which suposedly contains a bit of intellectual property rights and proections, etc.) Just like...
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    Tips for sealing radiator hose

    when touching cooling components given such high mileage, you must consider replacing the otherwise slightly swollen lower and/or upper rad hoses as preventative maintenance. Once replaced, you can use factory spring clamp or worm drive clamps (choice is all yours). Q.
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    Honda Timing Belt date code

    why? does the date code concerns you? Q.
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    Green coolant, future availability ?

    I understand the worries RE: old school silicate antifreeze. Fact is, I've moved on now RE: automotive or small application coolant, either go with factory antifreeze or for Japanese automobiles: I have opted for complete flush + HOAT varieties (i.e. Toyota LL pink). Never look back. Q.