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    Cloth Seat Professional Cleaning Question

    Some Home Depots rent upholstery cleaning machines (smaller version of a carpet cleaning machine). They come with a three inch clear head that has a sprayer and suction all incorporated in the same piece. The hose leads to the machine that has two tanks. One for the soap/hot water mix and one...
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    Jorgen Automotive-rack rebuilders-has closed

    That is sad news. I have a rebuilt R&P from them in my 93 Camry. Excellent customer service and products. I referred several friends to them due to the exceptional service/products they offered.
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    Anyone ever order tires online at Wallyworld?

    I had a similar experience when I ordered my last set of Cooper tires from Wal-mart. Took another two days for the remaining tires to come in. The explanation I was offered was the tires came from two different locations on separate trucks.
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    DIY options and input requested Smovey Rings

    They are called Smovey Vibroswing. I have been asked by a friend to explore options for making something similar to these to use in a professional setting with older adults and/or children and adolescents. Two sets would be ideal. These can be found on ebay for $165 or higher. In essence...
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    2000 Tacoma Alternator (6 Cyl)

    My suggestion would be a local rebuild shop. The build quality of the one you have now will be better than anything you will be able to purchase. I am still running the OE alternator in my 93 Camry which is currently at 246K. Been to the shop twice and both times the repairs where cheaper...
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    Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

    I have them on two of our cars, 93 Camry and 05 Camry and my parents have them on the 14 Honda CRV. Well made tires that ride well and have solid year round performance. The ones on 93 Camry are nearing 60k and are at 7/32.
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    Who Has The Oldest Daily Driver?

    93 Toyota Carmy 2.2L sedan. Third owner Purchased with 76k currently has 245K
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    Diagnostic scanners.

    Watching as well. I would like one that will bleed the ABS for Toyota and GMC.
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    Maxlife ATF for Toyota WS

    Notating for future reference.
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    Excellent Tire Dressing - Tuf Shine Tire Clearcoat

    Great info. Thanks for sharing.
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    05 Camry Key Programming

    I asked when I was at the dealer and they confirmed by VIN the car requires a chipped key. They ended up having to cut the key by VIN as the key I have was too warn to make a good duplicate. My SIL has an 02 LE Camry and it takes a standard key.
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    05 Camry Key Programming

    My car does not have a security light which is why this procedure will not work.
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    05 Camry Key Programming

    Thanks for the responses. Linctex- Are you a gambling man???? Not really. Hence the reason I posted the question hoping the shared knowledge of the BITOG community would be able to provide some guidance. I can't be the first person who is trying to program a 2005 Camry key with CK-100...
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    05 Camry Key Programming

    I recently purchased an 05 Carmy (USA built with a build date of 2/05) and it only came with one aftermarket chipped key and one Toyota remote. A friend loaned me a CK-100 V46.02 Auto Key Programmer which indicates on its compatibility list it works with this generation of Carmy. I did some...
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    Steering Rack Quality

    I followed Trav's advice last year when replacing the rack in my 93 Toyota Camry that had 220K on it and purchased a rack for Jorgen. Great customer service, quality parts, and shipping the core back was a breeze.