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    Castrol $10 rebate

    A while back I had some leftover bottles with ½ to 1 quarts in them i.e. Valvoline, M1, Liquid Moly, others in various weights i.e. 0W20, 5W30. After I drained my old oil, I put in the 6 quart concoction with a bottle of MMO and let the engine run for 15-20 minutes, then drained it for about an...
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    Supertech MP Maximum Protection 20K miles filters

    I bought a MP7317 oil filter today. The side of the box referenced Fram 7317, Mobil 110A and K&N 1010, all filters that I have used. The new-gem Titans like a high flow oil filter. $15+ every 5,000 miles for a high-flow RP or K&N is a little pricey. I saw a YouTube video with a cut up MP oil...
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    Supertech MP Maximum Protection 20K miles filters

    My ‘19 Titan can use the Fram XG7317, but the Walmart app says the Supertech MP7317 will not work. Wonder why that is?
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    Triax Synergy SRT 0w20 or 30 VOA?

    Tried it 2 years ago. Did not leave it in long enough for a UOA. Engine was loud upon startup. Swapped it out 2 weeks later and things were back to normal.
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    K&N motor oil

    Ordered 1 gal. jug and some single qts. last week. Ordering it this qualified for some sort of discount and it was cheaper to get it this way directly from K&N vs. ordering two 1 gal. jugs.
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    K&N motor oil

    I have owned 4 of the series 2 Nissan Titans. They tend to be a little noisy until the engine is fully warmed up. Along with other brands, I used Ams SS a couple of times, and it tended to burn it. I tried K&N 0W20 and the engine is quiet cold and does not burn any for the 4-5,000 duration. I...
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    Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilzer

    I bought a couple bottles on sale 2 years ago. It turned the oil almost black immediately, Oh so I did not use it anymore in my vehicle. I use it in my old lawn more now and it honestly runs like a new mower. It is quieter with less vibration. Not so sure what it did in my automotive dancing...
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    Boxed Havoline now available in full synthetic!

    I tried out a 6 qt box of the 0W20 today. Attached a close-able spout on the box opening and adjusted the flow volume into the funnel going in the crankcase. Very easy. Just laid the box on the engine cover. I took the funnel and put into the empty Havoline box and poured the dirty oil in, then...
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    Toyota 5.7L, 0w-20 noisy, STP to thicken?

    Likewise, I switched from M1 0W-20 to Pennzoil Platinum 0W-20 and my cold startup lifter tick almost disappeared. Then, I added STP Synthetic Oil Treatment and now it's completely gone.
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    17 Kia Sportage: Purolator One vs Purolator Boss for a regular OCI

    I like the Fram Ultra's, too. For the past 2 years, I've been using MicroGreen oil filters. The oil doesn't start turning dark until 7-8,000 miles.