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    Topping off 5w30 Syn with 0w30 Syn between OCI?

    Well I change my Pathfinders oil with Castrol Edge EP 5W30 Syn with K&N oil filter. I recently came across a bunch of 0W30 Mobil 1 full syn for $1 each quart at AutoZone. I am wondering if I'll be fine topping off with 0W30 will cause any issues since its a different weight and brand...
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    Highest mileage car you've bought?

    1998 Nissan Altima that had 189,xxx miles on it when I bought it.
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    DIY bedliner

    I am just wondering what everyone's experiences with this stuff is? I have used Hurculiner about 6 years ago with good results in my truck bed. I remember prep is the biggest key to doing a DIY bedliner kit. I have been looking and have come across several brands other then herculiner like...
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    What should I do about this nail?

    If you do repair it make sure you use a regular flat patch rather then a patch/plug. That area flexes too much.
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    Wheel Patched With JB Weld?

    I wouldnt trust it
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    Should I complain To Corp ?

    Why is this even an issue. You are out of warranty. You are in your prorated period. If it was a Mom & Pop shop then they could override the issue but where talking about a major parts supplier that has rules in place. Why override something that is just following the rules.
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    Having very difficult time removing custom wheels

    Get rid of that [censored] lugnut lock and purchase some spline drive lugnuts. Then you'll have a spline drive lugnut on every lug. <a href=""...
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    Having very difficult time removing custom wheels

    Good glad you got the correct socket. Just be extra careful removong that lug lock. Try not to use a impact gun. An impact gun can damage that lug lock key you have. When you remove that lock throw them away. They are more problems then good. In the tire shop I used to work at people would...
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    Having very difficult time removing custom wheels

    I purchased this lug wrench to keep in my vehicle when I replaced my factory lug nuts. In my opinion it is the best deal. It includes: Includes thin-wall deep sockets in four sizes, 3/4 In., 13/16 In., and 7/8 In. Option 1: <img src="" class="post-image"...
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    Having very difficult time removing custom wheels

    I dont understand why this is such a issue. Just go to your local autozone. Go to the lugnut section and they sell special thin wall deep sockets to remove lugnuts from custom wheels and they even sell special sockets to remove that weird lock without the key. I'll try to look up images to...
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    Back up camera system

    Thanks for the info everyone!
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    Back up camera system

    I was wondering what back up camera systems some of ya would recommend. I seen a Peak brand wireless system at Napa for $79 so curious about everyone's suggestions.
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    Which phone handles lighting best (camera)?

    Just for example I snapped a photo with each phone just to see if I could see a difference. (Sorry for the mess just finished a yard sale) lol. Phones are in exact same position also. HTC One M7: <a...
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    Which phone handles lighting best (camera)?

    My vote is for any of the HTC One phones. The HTC One m7 had issues in there first run of phones, but most of the m7 issues have been resolved. Just try not to buy a used m7 because there are still m7 phones out on ebay with the defective camera lens. They had an issue with overheating the...
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    #'s etched into all my windows?

    I am wondering if anyone else has these etchings on there windows. I purchased my 2006 Pathy used and have been wondering about these numbers on it. I tried calling the number but it says it has been disconnected. Anyone else have these? "TG 8478449 800 442 3662" <a...