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    3 on the tree

    My dad had a 1960 Ford 1/2 ton pick up with 3 on the tree. I drove a company Ford van, I think in 1978 that had 3 on the floor with overdrive.
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    Allright questions

    How do you know his wife wears lipstick............
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    The New Megatrends

    Long but an interesting read. This a paper presented several months ago by Herb Meyer at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland which was attended by most of the CEOs from all the major international corporations --a very good summary of today's key trends and a perspective one...
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    mobil home help with elect problem

    If you are replacing the contactor for the compressor every few years you may have an oversized a/c system for your home and the unit is short cycling. Was this module installed by the power company for forced cycling (turning the a/c off during peak demand)?
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    Tirerack...has anyone bought from them

    I ordered tires online from Walmart. They ship to your local store with no shipping charges (just have to wait for the container to ship). Aloha
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    help me size central air for my house, R-22/410?

    Keep in mind. The production of R22 equipment will be banned starting in 2010. You will still be able to get parts and refrigerant. The production of R22 refrigerant will slowly be phased out until 2020. Why install a soon to be obsolete piece of equipment? Go with the R410a system. I'm not a...
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    Torque wrench took a dump

    I just bought a Craftsman torque wrench a few weeks ago. I brought in my old Craftsman torque wrench because it stopped working correctly. I was asked how old it was....I said at least 30 years (they had a funny smile on their faces)- they told me it was warranted for 1-year. They told me only...
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    Moly in Oil

    On another forum these statements are being made. Any truth to them? I do not remember hearing any of this. "I use there gear oil,good stuff and haven't had any problems.I wouldn't recomend using the engine oil since it has a high moly content which is bad for our tighter tolerance engines". "I...