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    TV power supply repair - diode replacement options

    Switch mode power supplies run at a high frequency ( ~15KHz) and the 1N4007 etc diodes are for 60 Hz
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    Two Brothers/RLS exhaust

    Needs fishtails ...
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    Is your internet speed slower then advertised?

    I signed for 60/10 and regularly get 70/12.
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    Lawyers in a Zoom call

    I believe that is the judge's frame with his video off because he was cracking up ....
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    What're your home thermostat settings?

    10pm -- 7am 68F 7am -- 10pm 71F Mama Bear and I are over 75 yrs old, we need a little more heat than we used to .... ;)
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    So I walked up to the bar...

    Great story (y)
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    Good riddance to 2020! Looking forward to a far better year in 2021

    My next birthday I'll be 77 yrs old .... I would have been 78 but I was locked down for a year :cool:
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    Merry Christmas !

    Best wishes to all the BITOG members and their families for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!! :)
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    BITOG Merch

    I made this up in 2006
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    Snow coming on the east coast Wednesday

    I have nowhere to go anyway, we're on lock-down in our area.
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    Queen's Gambit

    Great show - the last 5 mins blew me away !
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    Ohio Trip

    Cool pics, Pete (y)
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    Low Profile...

    I can't wait to see the snow tires installed ....